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Why We Love Cover Songs

Author: Mallory

From Paramore’s rendition of “Use Somebody” to Framing Hanley’s version of “Lollipop,” cover songs seem to be all the rage right now. Which is exactly why we love BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, because honestly, what is better than watching your favorite artist cover a song that we already know all the words to?

So, what is Live lounge on BBC - Radio 1, you ask? Well, Radio 1 is a station on BBC and Live Lounge is a separate segment on Radio 1. The radio show features interviews and performances with musicians spanning all genres. After the interview is conducted the interviewee will usually perform a cover song in addition to one of their original songs. Interestingly enough, the cover usually tends to be outside of the musicians typical genre, the result… pure awesome-ness.

Check out White Lies cover of Kanye West’s, “Love Lockdown”

Click here to view a list of cover songs from Live Lounge

However, BBC’s Radio 1 is not the only place to find great cover songs, you should also check out CoversProject.com and SecondHandSongs.com to search and listen to their extensive cover song database.

Another recent cover:

The Killers, “When You Were Young” by The Noisettes

Further Reading & Viewing:

Spinner.com recently featured an article on cover songs titled “Cover Songs Uncovered: These Actually Weren’t the Original Versions.” An interesting read for some classic songs you might not have realized were covers.

Check out Mashable.com‘s article on the Top 10 YouTube Cover Songs. This article features a compilation of YouTube stars performing a variety of popular songs.

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet, Freddie25 covers everything from Gorillaz to Chris Crocker, Billie Jean to Weird Al, Shakira to Disney’s “A Whole New World,” in 8 minutes flat!

32 Songs in 8 Minutes

On that note, lets get a poll going, who did it better?
(Any cover by any artist, does not have to be mentioned in this blog.)

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