June 2010

Jun 28


Google Me

Author: jimmy

There are rumors flying around like crazy that Google is planning to launch a social network that will rival Facebook in the very near future.  It all started when Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted the message below:

At the moment both Google and Facebook are not commenting on this speculation.  It is worth noting though that Facebook is rumored to be dabbling in the search engine market for their own.  This is a clear move into Google’s territory.  Perhaps Google finds that fighting offense with offense is the way to go here. 

Also, a new social network launch from Google could not come at a better time given the recent user dissatisfaction with Facebook’s privacy settings. 

Other rumors are stating that Google Me would combine Google’s Buzz, Wave and Orkut social networking features into one social network to rule them all.  Not to mention - an instant user base of about 200 million people too. 

Of course, at the moment this is all hearsay.  However, this doesn’t stop us from wondering and asking the questions - will it succeed or will it fail? 

What do you guys think?

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Jun 25


Now that we’ve had a year to reflect on Michael Jackson’s death, I have compiled a list of MJ favorites from Oniracom’s staff.

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song/video?

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Jun 25


In recent weeks we have been sprucing up our office quite a bit, and I decided we needed to document some of it.  Enjoy this short time lapse of Matthew McAvene doing some faux painting in our conference room!

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Jun 23


“The Realist Optimist is the most 
powerful and effective of the open 
leader archetypes, somebody who 
can see the benefits of being open 
but also understands the barriers.”

~ Charlene Li, Open Leadership, 
published May 2010.

Focusing on the customer, listening to what he/she wants remains the number one most important first action for any organization desiring a satisfactory engagement. Social networks have initiated the world to completely personalized channels of content production, distribution and consumption. The engaged user can now create his/her own TV channel on YouTube, Google TV and numerous other video channels. The Conversation Prism is an excellent image of the variety of social networking sites available to an individual in his or her establishment of an online tribe.

When we listen to our customer, then we can select brands, products and services geared toward his/her needs. The customer-centric approach in social media specifically requires listening via social network monitoring tools like Radian6, Trackur, Compete, Webtrends and Cymphony.

A Chief Customer Officer will instruct brand manager, product managers and interactive/asset managers on the best use of energy within a given demographic/vertical after having participated in a listening project. Now more than ever, customers are becoming wiser in their choices about products and services sold online, primarily due to the vast amounts of time users spend online AND due to the phenomenon of user-selected/created channels. The mechanics of this has to do with personal choice and responsibility, along with the blossoming of sub-sub-cultures/niches beyond anything seen in previous societal configurations. Social networks allow us to know ourselves better, which in turn gives us more exact and precise opinions on what we want.

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Jun 22


One thing that has been awesome about the development of the “Twittersphere” has been the ability to get up close and personal with athletes, artists, comedians, actors, and musicians. There are those who choose to have companies (Like @Oniracom) handle their twitter accounts, but the occasional Celebs will actually take the time to share snippets of their lives and experiences with the world via Twitter.

Billboard.com has taken advantage of this new medium of communication, and has begun threading together the best music tweets of the week. It is an entertaining feature and the list is shared by all sorts of musicians saying funny and interesting things, but best of all it?s a one-stop shop for all the best music tweets. The feature is called the Top 20 Tweets of the Week and is a home-page featured link on Billboard.com.

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Jun 21


Delta Spirit - History from Below EPK

Author: brendan

I love checking out EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) for new albums.  It takes a talent to make a good EPK that can (1) get good information across about the new album, (2) impress critics, (3) and entertain the fans.  Brushfire Records usually does a great job with their EPKs (see EPKs for Mason Jennings and Zee Avi).  The EPK below comes from the great band Delta Spirit for their new album, History from Below.  The album was released June 14th on Rounder Records, and is currently #8 on Billboard’s Heatseeker Chart! Definitely worth checking out.

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Jun 17


The Ocean is one of the Earth’s most valuable resources. It provides 99% of the Earth’s living space, and is the largest known habitat for living organisms in our universe. The Ocean carries more than 90% of global trade between countries, and fish supply the greatest amount of protein consumed by the World’s population. It is important for us to care for the environment and the Ocean is the biggest part of it. Heal The Ocean is a Santa Barbara based non-profit organization that serves to protect the Ocean from pollution and mistreatment. In their mission Heal The Ocean (HTO) states “Heal the Ocean focuses on wastewater infrastructure – sewers and septic systems – as well as ocean dumping practices that contributed to ocean pollution. We are focused on Santa Barbara County, but our methods are now serving as a model for other coastal communities across the country.”

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Jun 16



Blip.fm is a Social network founded in 2008, but just starting to pick up some good steam. The layout is nearly identical to Twitter, in that you have your “blips” that come in from all of your “favorite DJs” just as tweets come in from whom you’re following.

As the website itself will tell you:

A blip is a combination of 1) a song and 2) a short message that accompanies it. The way you create a blip is to first search for a song that you want to hear (or a song that you want your listeners to hear), then add a short message (under 150 characters), finally you submit it. Submitting a blip is also referred to as “blipping”, so from here on out, when you read “he blipped my favorite track” it means “he submitted a blip that had my favorite song attached”.

Video after the break

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