Mar 24



Part of my job at Oniracom  is staying on top of web design trends. This of course means that it is my official duty to cruise around the internet with no particular aim but to see what is out there.  It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it.

I was keeping my eyes on the website designs that have come out this year, when I started to realize something. These websites have some very common threads. The organizer in me decided that I must find a way to group them all.

As I started grouping them, I realized that web design right now can be boiled down to two major kinds of design and 5 styles.

Click “Read More” to see how it is done.

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Feb 16



Everyone’s heard of a remix, those songs that were released and made it big on the radio that were then adopted by a music savy dj with four computers and a slightly disturbing obsession with electronica and techno music. Love them or hate them, they are a staple of the music industry. 

Now the idea is being brought to the design world.  Let me introduce you to Nonsek’s Machine: the online interface which allows you to take work from a range of talented designers and remix that work to your heart’s content.

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Oct 21


That’s right, it’s here.  The holiday season is in.  No, not Christmas, not Halloween, not hanukkah or any thing like that no.  It is National Design Week!  The most glorious time of the entire year, and the design room is celebrating.

The National Design Awards have been handed out.  Here is one winner who caught my eye:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Picture 8

Bill Moggridge

Bill is the co-founder of IDEO, a global design consultancy, creating impact through design.  He is an industry design specialist and expert, most notably, he designed the world’s first laptop computer.

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Sep 28


Today I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how you can make a hand drawn myspace header image and then show you a way that you can quickly add that header image to the top of your myspace.  (If you are only looking for the code that adds an image header to your myspace page, see step 10 at the bottom).


To see the Header in action go check out

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Sep 25


From to DesignBump to Magazine sites like Print and CMYK, there are tons of great design resources out there. But lately, there is one resource that has been providing me with more exciting content and educational articles than any other, Design-Newz.

Design-Newz, which was built and is run by the guys over at Spyre Studios, is an invaluable resource for any designer.  It hosts a virtual library of design blog posts.  Basically, they search the web for the latest and greatest design articles and then post links to those articles on their project website

To help promote the blog posts, they employ twitter.  I follow them on twitter and get their regular tweets linking to hundreds of different design blogs with high quality articles that offer free brushes, photoshop tutorials, and inspirational collections of work by designers.  Thus far, they’ve been a wonderful and welcome source of inspiration as I’ve worked on our company’s websites.

Their work and their site exhibits four things that inspire me: A unique idea, Fantastic quality, Regular and consistent updates (they commit to at least having 5-10 updates a day), and a humble attitude that seeks to promote great work over purely personal gain.

Go follow them on twitter and start learning.

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