December 2013

Dec 16


The holidays are here, so we’ve got a holiday playlist for you before the New Year.

Play it for a party, or just take a listen below. Happy holidays folks!

1. “Mrs. Claus Wants Some Lovin” - The Bobs

2. “White Christmas” - Bing Crosby
3. “The Christmas Song” - Nat King Cole
4. “King Jesus Is His Name” - Larnell Harris
5. “The Chipmunk Song” (Christmas Don’t Be Late) - Alvin and the Chipmunks
6. “Up On The House-Top” - Raffi

7. “Christmas Time is Here” - Vince Guaraldi
8. “TrioMele Kalikimaka” - Bing Crosby
9. “Blue Christmas” - Elvis Presley
10. “That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!” - Sufjan Stevens
11. “Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head” - George Winston

12. Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guardldi (entire album)
13. “Another Christmas Song” - Stephen Colbert
14. “All I Want for Christmas is You” - Michael Bublé
15. “Jingle Bells” - Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
16. “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer” - Jack Johnson

17. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” - Mariah Carey
18. “My Only Wish This Year” - Britney Spears
19. “Santa Baby” - Taylor Swift

20. “Baby It’s Cold Outisde” - She & Him
21. “Xmas Cake” - Rilo Kiley
22. “It’s Almost Christmas So We’ll Stop” - Frightened Rabbit


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Dec 12


I was a bit confused this morning when I was about to post a picture on Instagram and was asked to either post to my followers or “direct.” Intrigued, I checked out the ‘direct’ option and realized that I could send a photo directly to one of my friends. What does this mean exactly? Well, to put it simply, it’s a private message. So the photo could only be viewed by them. Hm, sounds a bit like Snapchat, except without the automatic deletion of the photo. So what are the perks exactly?

With direct, you can choose a specific friend and type a direct message that goes only to them. They get to keep the photo and view it at any time. The fun part is, you can send direct messages up to 15 people, and according to TechCrunch, Instagram Direct also offers up suggested recipients (TechCrunch). Once you’ve sent an Instagram Direct, you can comment about the photo back and forth with who you’ve sent it to. You can also “Reply all” with another new photo or video.

This messaging feature adds a new form of engagement for the app, but I believe that most users will refrain from this feature, and will continue to use Snapchat or text messaging instead, since Instagram’s platform is mainly focused on all your followers and your main feed.

It’s interesting that through Instagram Direct, you must start the conversation with a photo message. Although the app is staying true to its roots, a fun and artsy Instagram photo should really be shared with all of your followers, don’t you think?

Read more details at TechCrunch here and watch the video preview below:

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Dec 06


The Santa Barbara Bowl, built in the 1930s, has hosted many amazing shows throughout its history. The Bowl has been home to many big names in music over the years, as a venue to stop at when traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Some highlights that we picked out are:

Bob Marley + The Wailers - November 25, 1979

Bob Marley and his band, the Wailers, went on tour in the Fall of 1979 to promote their album, Survival. Marley had been diagnosed with cancer two years earlier, and this was the second-to-last tour for Marley. His entire set was recorded, and would eventually be released as in DVD format in 2003 called “Bob Marley” The Legend.

Jack Johnson - October 13 & 14, 2010

No stranger to Santa Barbara or the Bowl, Jack Johnson headlined two shows at the Bowl on his 2010 Tour for “To The Sea”. He played a two-hour set after opener G. Love, and his mellow and lighthearted demeanor graced the audience of families and children alike.  To The Sea was one of the top-selling albums that year, and both sold-out nights of his Bowl performances were filmed and became the official music video for “To The Sea”.


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Dec 02


Check out the 60 minute version here

It doesn’t matter if the Amazon Drone Delivery will work in the future or not. It’s a stroke of Marketing/PR genius. Strategically announced last night on 60 Minutes right before Cyber Monday. The keyword “Amazon Drone Delivery” currently shows about 16,600,000 results on Google, “Amazon Prime Air” is a trending topic on Twitter, and the story is being covered by CNN, NPR, Huffington Post, USA Today, TechCrunch, Forbes, Wired, New York Times, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Fox, Al Jazeera, Mashable, LA Times, Engaget, and many many more…

Let’s break down why this was so effective and how it can work for your brand:

1. It plays on Amazon’s strengths of fast shipping, ease of use, leading-edge technology, and customer service. While people are searching their site today for Cyber Monday deals, this story serves as a reinforcement for why we already like Amazon and shows us how they continue to innovate in those areas. This is perfectly illustrated from my friend Bruce’s response on Facebook when I asked what he thought about their announcement:  “IF there is way to do it, Amazon will figure it out. But I am not sure they need it. Last year, 3 weeks before Christmas I ordered 6 CDs for family members. I ordered on a Wed. morning and had them in my hands at Noon the next day. That was on a FREE two day delivery since I am an Amazon Prime member. Wow. But let them try it, let’s see how it goes!” Focusing on your USP (Unique Selling Propostion) is sales/marketing 101, but this is some Inception type stuff that goes many levels deep. Think about how you can you reinforce your current strengths while making the competition irrelevant by seeding future strengths.

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