Dec 10


Stubbs Store

Here’s a great campaign and pre-order store using the Topspin platform that our team launched in time for Chanukah:
Matisyahu’s ‘Live at Stubbs: Vol. II’ Store!

Description that was posted on Topspin’s blog:
You may remember Matisyahu’s 2005 release “Live at Stubb’s” that claimed the #1 Billboard Reggae Album and launched him onto Top 40 radio with the anthem “King Without a Crown.” Now with three critically acclaimed studio albums to his name, Matisyahu decided to bring it back where it all began and record “Live at Stubb’s: Vol II”, out February 1st, 2011. The talented web team over at Oniracom just launched a fantastic Topspin-powered pre-order campaign for this release with five different packages to cater to every type of fan.  Check out all the offers here.  Are you the type of fan that wants a free download from Matisyahu? We got that too:


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Dec 08


Have you seen Apple’s new “Find iPhone” feature?  It’s free, and no, you don’t need a paid MobileMe account (I hate MobileMe).

I highly recommend you go get the free “Find iPhone” app [AppStore link] and login with your Apple ID (which would probably be better referred to as: iTunes Username & Password).

NOTE: Your iPhone software needs to be up to date!

Now your iPhone is synced with your Apple ID, so if your phone ever gets lost or stolen, it’s not a complete goner.  Once your phone is missing, from someone else’s iPhone you can login with your Apple ID to their Find iPhone app, and it locates exactly where your phone is (if it’s turned on) on a Google Map.  If it’s turned off, it will tell you the location last detected, and how long ago that was.

Then you have the following options:

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Dec 04


Girl Talk is huge right now.  People are loving these mashups.

If you haven’t heard of Girl Talk, it is the musical project of one man who “produces mashup-style remixes, in which he uses often a dozen or more unauthorized samples from different songs to create a new song” (Wikipedia).

My friend recently turned me onto a fascinating site that visually shows which sample is being used during each part of the song.  Definitely check it out:

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Nov 12


I think it’s great that many artists are offering free digital downloads of their music in exchange for an email address, Tweet, Facebook share, etc.  But remember one thing: If people have never heard your band before, they want to hear what you sound like before they download anything

If you’re offering a free download, that’s great.  But on the same page you have your free download widget, put an audio player too.  Many people just want to hear your song first without having to download it to their computer and add it into their iTunes. iTunes libraries are sacred places for a lot of people, and they don’t add any music that they don’t like. (Side Note: should I even reference any other software besides iTunes?  I feel like 99.9% of people use iTunes nowadays. Am I right, or do you still use Windows Media Player?)

Here’s a great example from a wonderful new band called Honeychild....

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Nov 05


Beginning tonight is Santa Barbara’s own New Noise, a music conference and festival in its second year.  I feel pretty nerdy when I get more excited about the panels than the music at festivals, but it’s happened again. (Same thing with SXSW!)

Click ‘Read More…’ to check out the panels I’m most excited about seeing (and you should be too)...

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Nov 03


Video: Rogue Wave Live at SXSW 2010

Author: brendan

While attending SXSW 2010 in Austin this past March, I had the privilege of getting to see a number of Oniracom clients who were playing, including a handful of performances by Rogue Wave

I have seen Rogue Wave perform a number of times, but there was something I really liked about this particular set.  It was at one of the day stages inside the Convention Center where the conference trade show and panels take place, and it was on the last day.  It had just started raining outside, everyone was exhausted from the whole week of the conference, but a couple hundred people gather at this day stage to watch The Middle East (another great client of ours) and Rogue Wave play.  Rogue’s set was a little stripped down from what it usually is, with the frontman Zach playing with an acoustic guitar throughout the set rather than electric.  Even with the mellow atmosphere, Rogue Wave was still able to rock it.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Nov 02


Our Very Own Mailing List!

Author: brendan

Oniracom now has its very own mailing list!  We figured why should our clients have all the fun??

Signup for the list to stay informed on the good stuff:
-SFD blog posts
-Music and Technology industry news
-Site launches
-Company updates
-Exciting client news

We even have an option where you can choose how often you want the updates:

    Weekly: Give me the digest of news and site launches every week
    Monthly: Recap the best news and site launches for me every month
    Quarterly: I only want the really important stuff
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Nov 01


Great innovation from Google once again, but this one involves a great use of crowd-sourced marketing.  Google has started a competition that encourages anyone to upload their own creative tech demo of a cool Google feature that many people might not know about, with the hopes that these videos are unique enough and gather enough attention so that tech demos no longer have to be boring and only for geeks.  Watching these is similar to watching an OK Go music video.  The kind that you share with your friends, except now the content manner is intertwined with a cool Google feature, such as Search by Photographing, Personalize Google, Speak a new language, Search by voice, etc.  (Full list is here).

Once contenders upload their creative video, Google picks out two of the best videos, and sets them against each other for the “Slam of the Week” where users watch and vote on which video is the best.

Check out the winners of the first Slam of the Week, giving you an entertaining video that also is a teaser to Google’s Search by Photographing (or “Google Goggles”).

Go check it out, as there as sure to be more great videos coming:

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Oct 28


Flowtown, a Social Media Marketing Application, has just released some great data on email marketing.  Check out the graphic below (click image for larger image). 

Does anything surprise you from these stats?  Do you feel like they are accurate within your own experience?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Sep 01


Available Today

The Background:

In Apple’s Keynote this morning, they launched a much needed upgrade to iTunes that includes social integration.

Much like current sites Rdio and, iTunes is finally getting a social overhaul that will transform iTunes into a music discovery social network called Ping.  You can now “follow” your friends to see what they are listening to and share recommendations - all without leaving iTunes. 

Initial reports indicate that Ping only displays data for albums purchased, NOT listening data.  I have yet to confirm this first hand, but if true, this is a big disappointment from Apple’s latest social endeavor.  If Ping only displays what albums your friends purchase off the iTunes store, they are missing out on a huge amount of data and interaction with listening data.  Without listening data in Ping, will still thrive.

What does Ping mean for artists?

Much like Facebook’s News Feed, when you go into iTunes Ping, you will see an activity stream that includes recent activity from the friends that you follow.  In addition, artists will now be able to post updates that are delivered to this news feed for people that follow them.  This is huge.

In the keynote, they showed an example of Jack Johnson posting some recent pictures from his upcoming music video, and Lady Gaga sharing a video blog.  What does this mean?  You now have another outlet to push content through. Time will tell if Ping will be a major player in the social game, but for now, you’re better safe than sorry by being on it.  iTunes has a lot of customers.

I am currently getting access to accounts for our clients, but am unable to disclose how to get access for your artist in order to post.  I will disclose when I am allowed!

iTunes 10 vs. Cloud-Based Music Services (Rdio, Spotify, MOG, etc):

I was really hoping iTunes was going to go “to the cloud” on this upgrade.  These social integrations are great, but I won’t be using them much because I’m sticking with Rdio’s subscription service.  I much rather pay $10/month and get unlimited streaming to an enormous catalog of music on my computer and mobile than start buying albums for $10 a piece on iTunes again.

Until iTunes goes to the cloud and starts offering a subscription streaming service (or until Google beats them to the punch), my loyalty still lies with Rdio.

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