September 2013

Sep 30


Arcade Fire came to Oniracom to build a creative campaign releasing exclusive content. A teaser video and mysterious social posts informed fans that something would happen on the website on 9/9/13. The page design was simple, featuring three mysterious, unlabeled clocks that were presumed to be counting down to an event. At 9PM BST, a music video for the new single was released replacing the first clock. Concurrently, the band’s most recent Google Chrome experiment by Google Labs and Vincent Morisset was also released, replacing the second clock. The third and final clock was replaced by a link out to the iTunes store at 9PM local time on 9/9/13.



The page is fully responsive and features a looping video in the background. Be sure to try it out on all your devices!


And who doesn’t want a full video walk-through of the site? Check out our Vimeo walk-through below!

Oniracom Portfolio | Arcade Fire ( from Oniracom on Vimeo.


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Sep 27


 photo googledoodle.png

Google announced today that they’ve made a huge change to the way their trusty search engine operates. The change required a rewriting of its algorithm in order to handle more complex search queries (Bits, New York Times). Google has noticed that its users have been searching for more complex answers and entering lengthy questions especially with the voice search feature that’s available in mobile phones.

Bits explains the significance of this change in their article released today, “The change, which represents a new approach to search for Google, required the biggest changes to the company’s search algorithm since 2000. Now, Google, the world’s most popular search engine, will focus more on trying to understand the meanings of and relationships among things, as opposed to its original strategy of matching keywords” (Bits, New York Times).

The new algorithm has been named “Hummingbird,” and its main focus is to connect phrases and concepts together, which will in return provide more accurate search results.

Google rolled out this announcement today to be in conjunction with their 15th birthday (see today’s awesome Google Doodle). As Bits reports, they celebrated Google’s birthday as well as announcing the launch of Hummingbird in the garage Google’s founders rented when they began the company (Bits, New York Times).

We’re excited for this monumental change. Go ahead and try out Hummingbird for yourself!

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Sep 25


 photo FavTv_ThemeSong.jpg

We’ve dubbed September as “TV Month” here in the office. Why you say? Well, not only were The Emmys this week, but some great TV series have come to an end this month, and a bunch of new seasons are beginning to start up again as well. Dexter and Breaking Bad have come to a close, while we’re still excited for other shows like Homeland, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, and more!

In honor of “TV Month,” we’ve compiled a playlist of our favorite TV Show theme songs. So go ahead and reminisce with us!

1. “In The Street” from That 70’s Show
    - That 70’s Show is a gem to me, and so is this song. Reminds me of hanging out with my friends in high school, watching this series and just being all around goofy together.
2. “California” from The O.C.
    - I love playing this song while driving up the 101, thinking of Marissa, Ryan, Seth, Summer ... and Captain Oats.

3. The Muppet Show
    - My favorite part of the week as a kid was tuning into the Muppet Show.  Such a trip back in time for me.
4. Cheers
    - Love the sweet lonesome melody.

5. Goof Troop
    - The iconic mix of classic Disney with young 90’s kids culture, bright backpacks, skateboards and a cartoon puppy named Max. Quintessential.
6. City Guys
    - The late nineties brought us one of the most under rated pre-teen dramas on the after school lineup. City Guys is a diamond in the rough characterized by that fantastic hip-hop theme song and inter-racial friendships.
7. “Hey Sandy” from The Adventures of Pete and Pete
    - Thank Nirvana for inspiring the New Wave version of grunge rock that become so essential to “rock” music in the nineties. This theme song always got me off the couch and flexing my temporary tattoo. God bless Danny Tamberelli.
8. All That
    - The intro says is best: “Fresh off the block. Stop! Look and watch. Ready yet? Get set! It’s Alllll That!”

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Sep 20


Relix Magazine came to us for a brand new design and concept for their site. We built them a custom website with a responsive design fit for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We’ve been a long time reader & supporter of the magazine, so we’re ecstatic about this new look and functionality!


Relix Magazine has been a publication since 1974, so you can imagine the large amount of content that needed to be migrated over to the new site. Never fear, we were able to swiftly migrate it to their new Expression Engine platform. To grow Relix’s social network audience, we leveraged current audiences, fans and partners for a multi-platform promotion.



Be sure to check the site out on your mobile and tablet devices: 

relix4 relix5

We’re stoked about the new look and functionality of Relix’s brand new web presence and we are excited to help maintain and manage their web presence with them through the months to come!

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Sep 13


Culver City Dub Collective, a long time friend of Oniracom came to us for a brand new web presence. We built them a custom microsite that features their latest album, videos, and includes a full social stream. Culver City Dub Collective includes Adam Topol, Franchot Tone, David Ralicke, Chris Joyner, and Jose Esquivel.

Take a look at the screenshots below, and be sure to visit their site for the full experience. We can’t wait to hear more tunes from the boys at Culver City Dub!




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