December 2010

Dec 23


We are proud of our client ACIDIC who is currently visiting troops to entertain them.  Here’s an excerpt from

Los Angeles based modern rock band ACIDIC will visit troops in Germany and Kosovo this December and January as part of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour.  The band will perform for troops in several undisclosed locations, sign autographs, pose for photos and extend their gratitude to America’s troops.

ACIDIC consists of lead singer and guitarist Michael Gossard, guitarist Michael Thompson, bassist Ted Dubrawski and drummer Matt Whitaker. Their latest CD, “Getting Lucky” was released in March 2010. ACIDIC has performed at legendary venues such as SXSW, The Sunset Strip Music Festival, The Troubadour, The Showbox Sodo and Whisky A Go-Go. This past year, they toured across the United States opening for the bands Filter, Hawthorne Heights and The Higher.

“We were so happy to get this chance to entertain our troops because they are the people who exhibit the most intense tenacity and courage in the face of danger on America’s behalf. They deserve nothing but the most sincere and memorable performance and we’re certainly going to offer ours! We’re going to do everything we can to give them an awesome New Year’s celebration. Our appreciation of our troops knows no bounds, and this is one way we can say a special thank you,” said Gossard.  Thompson added: “It’s an honor to provide entertainment for the people who provide us protection.  We’re hoping to provide some happiness and bring a little bit of our USA rock’n'roll until they can get back home.”

Additional info on ACIDIC can be found on their website at

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Dec 22


We are super excited to be the technology providers of FanManager’s Street Team platform.  Here’s an excerpt from FanMail’s blog post:

Our clients are awesome and every one has interesting stories to tell.  Some of them, like FanManager, are really pushing the innovation needle to drive their business and communicate with their fans.

FanManager is about as cool as it gets: They offer creative, full-service solutions to artists and festivals. They manage musician’s on and off-line street teams, as well as work exchange programs for events.  FanManager hosts a very large community of street team members who accrue points for completing marketing tasks for their favorite artists. With these points, street-teamers can purchase merchandise, tickets and get VIP access.

The case study below is what happens when 3 great companies get together: Oniracom, FanManager and FanMail. Partnering, we help FanManger manage over 90,000 online and offline street team members, keep their data clean and actionable, provide custom profiles for each member and deep analytics for each FanManager client.

Super Geeky Goodness!

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Dec 13


G. Love’s “Fixin To Die” album drops February 2011, and to build a buzz, Oniracom developed an Action for Media page where users get a free song from the album in exchange for one of three actions.  You can post a message about this campaign to Facebook, Twitter or sign up on G. Love’s Mailing List.

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Dec 10


Stubbs Store

Here’s a great campaign and pre-order store using the Topspin platform that our team launched in time for Chanukah:
Matisyahu’s ‘Live at Stubbs: Vol. II’ Store!

Description that was posted on Topspin’s blog:
You may remember Matisyahu’s 2005 release “Live at Stubb’s” that claimed the #1 Billboard Reggae Album and launched him onto Top 40 radio with the anthem “King Without a Crown.” Now with three critically acclaimed studio albums to his name, Matisyahu decided to bring it back where it all began and record “Live at Stubb’s: Vol II”, out February 1st, 2011. The talented web team over at Oniracom just launched a fantastic Topspin-powered pre-order campaign for this release with five different packages to cater to every type of fan.  Check out all the offers here.  Are you the type of fan that wants a free download from Matisyahu? We got that too:


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Dec 08


Have you seen Apple’s new “Find iPhone” feature?  It’s free, and no, you don’t need a paid MobileMe account (I hate MobileMe).

I highly recommend you go get the free “Find iPhone” app [AppStore link] and login with your Apple ID (which would probably be better referred to as: iTunes Username & Password).

NOTE: Your iPhone software needs to be up to date!

Now your iPhone is synced with your Apple ID, so if your phone ever gets lost or stolen, it’s not a complete goner.  Once your phone is missing, from someone else’s iPhone you can login with your Apple ID to their Find iPhone app, and it locates exactly where your phone is (if it’s turned on) on a Google Map.  If it’s turned off, it will tell you the location last detected, and how long ago that was.

Then you have the following options:

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Dec 04


Girl Talk is huge right now.  People are loving these mashups.

If you haven’t heard of Girl Talk, it is the musical project of one man who “produces mashup-style remixes, in which he uses often a dozen or more unauthorized samples from different songs to create a new song” (Wikipedia).

My friend recently turned me onto a fascinating site that visually shows which sample is being used during each part of the song.  Definitely check it out:

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Dec 03


In april 2010, Google released an online advertising service to support small businesses in their online advertising, DFP Small Business. DFP stands for DoubleClick for Publishers, and DoubleClick is of course the company made rich and famous by annoying you on just about every other webpage before the advent of pop-up blockers. However, we can also thank DoubleClick for monetizing the internet and creating a new form of Advertising. DoubleClick was acquired by Google in 2007 and has since been augmenting and integrating with Google’s services creating an unprecedented network of advertisers.

DFP Small Business is a free hosted ad serving solution that helps online publishers manage their growing online advertising business. As opposed to AdWords, which allows you to advertise across Google?s ad networks on a Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing model, DFP actually has ad workflow and inventory features built in. DFP Small Business allows it’s users to upload an inventory of advertisements and prioritize them according to their value. DFP intelligently distributes Ads to target audiences by demographic, geography, and time. Google promises proper and effective ad delivery, utilizing not only their own AdSense features, but also third party services that offer similar management solutions.

If you are a publisher interested in these services, you can check out DFP Small Business here. If your business serves more than 90 Million impressions per month, you can contact Google about a DFP premium solution.

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Nov 30


Former Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has designed the site to “let users find, follow and support the causes important to them.”

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