April 2013

Apr 25


Having paid my dues with the rest of the film students, I’m no stranger to the crowd-funding phenomenon known as Kickstarter. However, I’m used to it gathering backing for the most recent and “creative” post-apocalyptic student film trying to “make it” in the independent film festival circuit, not a big name from television/Hollywood. Thus begins an intriguing turn of events for the advent of crowdfunding and the (once) overlooked power it possesses. 

I thought it was truly extraordinary when the Veronica Mars film gained 100% backing via Kickstarter in just over a day, but now we have Zach Braff embarking on the same tremendous crowd-funding voyage we witnessed in tech news just a couple months ago. Yes. Zach Braff of Scrubs and Garden State Fame has already garnered $1.6 million of the $2 million budget total with 28 days to go. 


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Apr 24


April Staff Playlist

Author: calia

Spring has officially arrived. The flowers are blossoming and the nice mix of sunny and gloomy days in Santa Barbara are a refreshing change of pace.

Now all we need is a good springtime playlist to get us through spring cleaning and all of our spring projects. Here you have it, the April staff playlist:


1. “Never Wanted Your Love” - She & Him
2. “The Sweetest Thing” - Camera Obscura
3. “Santa Cruz” - Gold Motel


4. “Make The Money” - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
5. “Mexican Cousin” - Phish
6. “Never Know” - Jack Johnson


7. “The Desert Babbler” – Iron and Wine
8. “Morning Has Broken” – Cat Stevens
9. “What a Day for a Daydream” – The Lovin’ Spoonful
10. “Prelude in C Major” – J.S. Bach

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Apr 23


The Santa Barbara Earth Day festival took place this past weekend at Alameda Park and it was an absolute blast! We were excited to share the Social Media Lounge with our friends over at LoaTree, hangout with the Community Environmental Council crew, enjoy good music, and have an overall good time.

It’s an honor to be a sponsor and marketing partner for the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara. Like last year, we designed and developed a live site that displayed all the fun that was going on at Earth Day from Saturday-Sunday. You can check out the live site here.

This year, there were 35,895 festival-goers and over 200 exhibitors. The food was tasty and the local music was fresh. SB Earth Day also presented two “Environmental Hero Awards” to Van Jones and Bill Nye.

Check out some of our Instagram shots below. To see more, search for the hashtag #sbearthday and you’ll see over a thousand Earth Day photos!



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Apr 22


We just finished and polished a nice infographic for a great company called RingRevenue, who are located right here in Santa Barbara. RingRevenue simplifies call marketing automation in order to drive more revenue for their customers.

This infographic is used by RingRevenue to explain and sell their services to potential and current clientele. We used a unique design that leveraged data and key performance indicators for RingRevenue. Our goals were to market RingRevenue with an engaging infographic that also showcased their creative marketing efforts.

We love how it turned out! Check it out below and visit RingRevenue online to find out more about their awesome company.


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Apr 16



Mighty Bright came to Oniracom to build a fresh web presence for their Lux brand of consumer application LED lighting products. We built the site to showcase the many uses of the products, while creating a strong value proposition for Lux.

Check out a full video walk-through below!

Oniracom Portfolio | Lux LED Lights (Lux-LED-Lights.com) from Oniracom on Vimeo.

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Apr 15


Here at Oniracom we are always on the lookout for great new tools on the tech horizon and it is with much jubilation that I introduce a new ticketing platform to keep us forever young:


Most of the digital ticket providers that have become staples for any saavy concert-goer or event attender are largely fan focused. While the efforts of these services are exemplary, focusing on the fans can be more harmful and chaotic than helpful in the long run.

CrowdSurge, launched in the UK in 2008 is a fairly young establishment with a big undertaking: CrowdSurge seeks to build a direct bridge between artists, events, venues, etc. and fans.

While this doesn’t really seem to be a new angle for ticketing services, many have failed to accomplish this task, often leaving enough of a gap in protection of the artists/events that scalpers and other nefarious types are able to exploit a good show. Creating a void in data collection for the product providers and a bad experience for the fans. In the case of this particular service, much of the control goes back in favor of the product providers rather than the fans, re-establishing a bit of order in the wild-west that can be ticket purchasing.

Allow me to further pontificate my claims through a brief analysis of some of their services.

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Apr 03


lucchettiWe are pleased to add a wonderful new Independent Sales Representative to the Oniracom team. Welcome, John Lucchetti! John has a background in online marketing, media production, and jazz guitar! He founded the blog Backstage Business, which you may be familiar with, as John featured Jacob a couple months ago. You can check out that feature here.

We asked John a little bit about his blog. He describes it as “a community for musicians, film makers, artists, writers, techies, entertainers, and designers to model, remix and share the best business ideas and resources from around the world. New innovations and insights frequently come from cross pollinating ideas from multiple disciplines, so my intent for the site is to help fuel their projects through stories and advice from successful creative entrepreneurs.” He also adds, “Oniracom is a company that I’ve been a fan of for some time due to their innovative work in the entertainment business, so I’m thrilled to join this world class team!” And we are excited to have you!

Check out John’s blog Backstage Business here, and be sure to *like* his Facebook page

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Apr 01


There are days to be serious, but today is simply not one of those days. Spoiler alert! Today is April Fools Day, and what a glorious day it is for the Internet. Here are of my favorites in no particular order.

1. Google Nose

It’s become a bit of a tradition for Google to introduce some sort of pseudo-app every April Fools and this year’s edition comes in the form of Google Nose with the slogan “Smelling is believing.”


Had she not smelled her phone, I might have believed them.

2. Netflix Suggestions

Upon perusing the web for some other April Fools fun, it seemed that Netflix had performed the prank of all pranks. Netflix typically gives me ultra-specific categories, but today seems to be extra special on that front. Here is the suggestion from my own personal account:


Sadly I did not get anything about Nicolas Cage freak-outs as seen here.

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