March 2013

Mar 29



We’ve finally done it. Each staff member chose their favorite apps that they can’t live without. Take a look at who chose what, and click on each app to see why they rock!

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Mar 28


British mobile provider Three (UK) seems to have struck a bit of viral marketing gold in the recent #danceponydance campaign that hit Youtube this month. The premise of the advert? Silly stuff matters.  How do they convey this slogan? With a dancing Shetland Pony of course.

In the age of Tivo and DVR, advertisements have gotten creative, and I can’t say that I mind too much.  That being said, companies face a need to reach audiences at a startling speed that will rise above the many Youtube videos of cute sloths in slow motion, adorable children saying the darndest things and, ahem, other companies trying to rise above viral happy accidents. And let me just say, they are doing a terrific job doing so. 

Exhibit A: Shetland Ponies.

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Mar 19


SXSW 2013

Author: calia

Jacob, Mike, and Haaris hit up SXSW, the great tech and media conference, in Austin, TX last week.

The Oniracom crew had a great time connecting with new and old brands and businesses in Austin, and are now back with fresh ideas and ready to ring in Spring!

Be sure to take a peek at all of the fun Instagram shots below! We are feeling nostalgic for SXSW already, see you in a years time Austin!


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Mar 18



SB Earth Day is just around the corner, so our friends over at LoaTree are putting on the third annual “Green Drinks” Event at Carr Winery for the Community Environmental Council’s Earth Day Festival. The event takes place tomorrow at Carr Winery from 6-9pm and will feature not only great food and drinks, but also great art, music, and fun raffles!

The event is $20 per person and $15 for students, which will be available at the door only. All proceeds will go towards the Community Environmental Council’s Annual Earth Day Festival. Culture Shock SB will be providing a tasty international cuisine that you won’t want to miss.

To find out more about the event and to RSVP, head over to the Facebook event invite here. Thanks LoaTree for putting on this awesome event!

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Mar 14


A HUGE congratulations is in order for our video production partner, Cool Hand Look for winning two Central Coast Bronze ADDY Awards! We are so proud of Luke Archer of Cool Hand Look for receiving this great honor.


The ADDY Award Gala took place yesterday, March 13 and recognizes award winning marketing and advertising techniques, strategies, and presentations. Cool Hand Look received these two bronze awards for two awesome projects he produced for our clients Ron Whiteand Rolling Pet Vet. The two awards were for “creative excellence in the art of advertising, including a Bronze ADDY Award for the web series ‘Rontourage: On Tour with Ron White’ and a Bronze ADDY Award for an Integrated Campaign for the launch of local mobile veterinary hospital, Rolling Pet Vet.”

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Mar 13


It’s March, which can mean a few things. Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and… March Madness! We’ve compiled a great sports themed playlist that is sure to get you on your feet, clapping, and cheering along. Are you ready?


1. “Whoomp! (There It Is)” - Tag Team

2. “Hit The Road Jack” - Ray Charles

3. “Jump Around” - House Of Pain

Justin (with a little intro):

SODO MOJO! - ” ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ was last year’s unofficial national anthem of sports, particularly in Seattle, where A-Rod had it played almost constantly throughout the season. With A-Rod gone and the Baja Men dispatched to one-hit wonder obscurity, fans have visions of providing the Mariners with the next great theme song.”

4. “Who Let The Dogs Out” - Baha Men

5. “Up Around The Bend” - Creedence Clearwater Revival

6. “Baba O’Riley” - The Who

7. “Space Jam” - Quad City DJs

8.“The Way I Sing It (Ft. Ken Griffey Jr.)” - Kid Sensation


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Mar 12


It’s a good time for music everyone. First off, can I get a yes and an amen to the man of my dreams since pre-teenhood, Justin Timberlake and his new album The 20/20 Experience dropping next week?!



I thought so. Something we can all agree on, he’s come a long way since the days of frosted tips… it’s okay JT, we love you even in your darkest hour. But honestly, is there anything better than a pop prince nodding to old pop with flavors of mo-town, jazz, sweeping violins and good old fashioned smooth beats?

In all actuality, music’s been getting creative, both in musicianship and the way it’s being brought to life in music videos. This brings me to my main topic of discussion: The ethereal bizarro magic show that is the new Beach House video for “Wishes” on their new album out Bloom.

Directed by Eric Warheim, (of Tim & Eric fame) this video brings the mundane to life in the half-time show I wish happened in real life.  Featured actor Ray Wise, yes, Robin Scherbatsky Sr., makes his very own debut as singer extraordinaire.

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Mar 08


Hold on to your hats everybody, Facebook is revolutionizing the newsfeed with the biggest facelift it’s endured since I was 19. (2009 if you must know)  Yep, as of today Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will redesign the holy grail of social media, the newsfeed.  The redesign that will soon infiltrate your own personal blue screen is adapting with the changing times of Internet sharing.  So what does that exactly entail? I will tell you.  And I will also tell you what I think about it, because let’s face it, I just want to be one of the cool kids.

One of the main changes, as pointed out in this Gizmodo Article is a much greater focus on visual/rich media than ever before.



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Mar 08


Both BarePool and LiquidPool Lounge came to Oniracom with the need to update their web presence. Oniracom based our designs on client requests, while blending leading-edge technology with the website build. The result is a beautiful handcrafted website, boasting intuitive navigation features and stunning event-based social content. Both sites are also fully responsive, take a peek at the video walk throughs below and be sure to visit the sites for yourself!

Oniracom Portfolio | Bare Pool Lounge ( from Oniracom on Vimeo.


Oniracom Portfolio | Liquid Pool Lounge ( from Oniracom on Vimeo.

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Mar 04



There’s a lot of buzz going around about Twitter’s new iPhone app Vine.  It’s a social networking app that allows you to take a 6 second video and edit in-phone. Many believe that this is the next big thing in social sharing. There is much speculation as to what will make or break this app in the beginning stages of catching on (Mashable), but rather than being critical like I usually am, I’m going to focus on the positives.

This simple little idea allows anyone to create his or her own cinematic masterpiece… or videos of our very own Calia eating chocolate cream pie

That’s what I like about this new app. The possibilities are endless. You can re-create your own version of the Harlem Shake sensation re-sweeping the nation as seen on illustrator / video animator Ian Padgham’s Twitter account @origiful [See it here]

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