May 13


Packaging Design Inspiration!

Author: lucy

When it comes to product packaging, looks do really matter. Thousands of companies have bid their farewells to the plain and ordinary in exchange for more unique and pleasing design elements. Products ranging from clothes to food to household items are now dressed and presented in interesting shapes and sizes to attract consumers, and to hopefully end up on their Instagram accounts.

Creative product packaging benefits both the seller and the buyer. It delights us and perhaps even inspires us to think differently; we like to think that the manufacturer customized the products for our pleasure. Not only is creative packaging visual pleasing for all, it also adds marketing perks for the company and future-customers. According to research done by DotCom Distribution, 35% of consumers developed a new brand after seeing the retailer’s packaging carried around in public, 90% of consumers reuse packaging, and 25% of consumers are likely to share social media photos of attractive product packaging. Once an image becomes shared or tweeted, it has the potential to land on multiple network feeds. Here are some of our favorite picks:

Chase Kettl wedding invites
Wedding invites no longer have to be in traditional paper and ink form. Graphic Designer Chase Kettl created invitations with a combination of different materials and typography.

Ben Yi Top Paw
You can now stylishly carry your furry friend’s food in Ben Yi’s Top Paw dog food dispenser. The dispenser features a food compartment as well as a handle and pouring pouch.

MochiThings Giving Tree Stickies
MochiThings’s Giving Tree Stickers put a playful and thoughtful spin on stickies. Take one, add your note, and watch the stump shrink!

Origami tea
Nathalia Ponomareva has artistically reinvented tea pouches. Her origami bird tea combines two Japanese traditions (tea and origami) and is pleasing to the eye.

Poilu Paintbrushes
Poilu uses the paintbrush bristles to portray beards of the drawn faces on the cardboard. The brush hair is even dyed to give a range of natural human hair colors!

Kolle Rebbe Parmesan Pencil
If you’re a cheese lover, this pencil is for you. Kolle Rebbe’s Parmesan Pencil comes in a pack of three. Customers are instructed to sharpen the pencil with the enclosed sharpener to create delicious strands of Parmesan.

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Apr 24


StartupSB Event: Marketing Your Startup

Author: lucy



Each month, StartupSB hosts local meetups for entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and anyone interested in the startup world. Oniracom is extremely excited for StartupSB’s upcoming event at Ontraport in two weeks. The event will start at 6pm on May 1. Grab some food and drinks, and enjoy the company of an amazing panel of entrepreneurs and experts who will share tips and tricks on marketing your startup. Speakers at the event will include Landon Ray, Sean Malarkey, Jim Sterne, Stef Miller, and Micah Lamar.

Have any questions in mind? StartupSB is now taking marketing related questions for the panel in advance. You can submit your questions at:

In addition to the panel discussion, there will be a variety of appetizers, wine, beer, and Rusty’s pizza for guests to enjoy. Not to mention, Ontraport’s beautiful office space also overlooks the American Riviera. To partake in the panel and free food, guests can RSVP for the event for $15 before April 30, and for $20 on the day of the event and at the door.

We hope to see you there!

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Jan 31



From the moment you start up the application, Beats Music wants to know and understand you. It wants to be your perfect human DJ. Listening to favorite genres and discovering new songs has just become a lot more colorful and interactive with the recently launched platform’s bold designs and features. Like Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio, Beats Music offers an extensive streaming library with no commercials for a monthly subscription fee of $10. New users can try out the platform for free on their credit card-less seven-day trial.

When you first open Beats Music, it asks you to tell the application about yourself. A “Just for You” section is created and geared towards your favorite genres or away from the ones that you want to avoid. There are three ways to get to a collection that suits your current mood. First is the good old-fashioned search option after you swipe right on the screen. The second way is through the “Find It” section where you can choose among genres, activities, and curators. The last is one of the most interesting features of the platform: “The Sentence”. Beats Music lets you play mad lib to generate a suitable playlist in a quirkier way. Are you on a rooftop? At the gym? Making bad decisions? The application wants to know where you are, what you feel like doing, who you’re with, and what you’re potentially listening to.

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