July 2013

Jul 30


This playlist was probably our most fun yet. I asked all of our staff members to come up with a few songs that are quintessential Oniracom.

All of the songs below remind us of our amazing office and the friendly environment that comes with it.

Some of our staff provided descriptions to each of their choices as well, which makes it all the more fun! Take a listen and soak in the Oniracom vibes.


1. ‘Go With the Flow’ - Queens of the Stone Age
Working in this environment is different from day to day. One must be able to adapt.

2.‘Sitting Waiting Wishing’ - Jack Johnson
Creative environment where we can contemplate creative campaigns and make them real.

3. ‘Clique’ - Kanye West
The quality of our work is extremely high, that can only be created by an all star team of individuals.

4. ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ - Guns n Roses
For this really busy days…

5. ‘Good Life’ - Kanye West
This is a GREAT place to work, I can’t say that enough.


6. ‘Hope’ - Jack Johnson
7. ‘Brighter’ - Matt McAvene
8. ‘Jerusalem’ - Matisyahu
9. ‘Let Love Rule’ - Lenny Kravitz
10. ‘Sunshine’ - Matt Costa

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Jul 25


Oniracom teamed up with Hear it First to integrate its popular music discovery site with the Topspin ArtistLink platform.

We created the new site with the best features available including responsive design and social network integration. ArtistLink integration allows bands and managers to claim their official channel on ArtistLink and edit brand content on HearitFirst.com. We are very excited about how this awesome project turned out.

Take a look at some screen shots and our exclusive video walk-through below!

Oniracom Porfolio | Hear It First (HearItFirst.com) from Oniracom on Vimeo.


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Jul 22


Fun Facebook Chat Icons

Author: carla

It seems like no chat conversation these days is complete without some crazy emoticons- emoji for iPhone has practically become a second habit, and now Facebook Chat has introduced stickers (basically large cartoon emoticons that embed into the chat conversation) on the web. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Facebook Chat Stickers and appropriate times to use them, inspired by this Mashable article:

1. For when you want to pretend you work at the Bluth Banana Stand


2. For when you get food poisoning from a really bad seafood restaurant


3. For when you’re feeling ~FABULOUS~


4. For when you’re practicing for your big Shakespeare Broadway debut


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Jul 17


Over the past few years, there has been huge leaps and bounds in the growth of the social networking site Pinterest. Clothing stores, Magazines, Designers, and practically every female who likes planning weddings and homemade gifts have taken to Pinterest as a place to store photos from their own computer or from their favorite websites. The visual bulletin board aesthetic lends itself easily for users to compartmentalize their images into different categories such as Recipes, Art, Interior Design, DIY, Fashion, etc.  

Unlike other photo-sharing websites, Pinterest has a “Pin It Button” that allows you to pin an image from any website. Once you click the button in your browser, it pulls images from the current webpage and allows you to pin it to your Pinterest profile. 

However, there are a few drawbacks on pinning directly to Pinterest: since you can only pin images, it’s hard to pin a quote, Twitter profile, or Website unless it is a single image. Also, it’s not possible to pin tracks directly from Spotify for the pinners that want to share music on their profiles. 

This is where Pinstamatic comes in: it’s a hip website that allows you to do all the above.

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Jul 10


iOS 7 Beta 3: Highlights

Author: carla

After announcing at WWDC 2013 a month ago, Apple has already released two Beta versions of iOS 7. The latest version, Beta 3, was just released to developers and has a few tweaks to the design and functionality. Here are some pictures and screenshots of how iOS 7 will look like and some of the highlights of the new system (iOS Beta 2 on left, iOS Beta 3 on right):

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Jul 10



VINE Update
Vine recently updated their iOS app with some major revamping, which will particularly please those who primarily use Vine to make stop motion videos.

The New Camera Interface boasts many new features and tools:

  • Optional grid to frame your shot (the grid square icon at the bottom)
  • Ghost feature: tap on the ghost icon in the lower right corner of the camera to activate this feature, and it keeps your last frame transparent so you can align your next shot for a flawless stop-motion capture.
  • Focus button: this allows the camera to focus on one object in the shot, and is a much-needed update as many users have previously struggled to focus in their Vines.
  • Privacy: Vine now allows you to set your account to Private, similar to Instagram’s privacy feature.
  • “Re-vine”: Essentially the Vine version of a Retweet on Twitter, Vine now allows you to Re-vine someone else’s video.
  • Categories: Vine added 15 new categories for users to browse through popular videos: comedy, art and experimental, cats, dogs, family, beauty and fashion, food, health and fitness, nature, music, news and politics, special effects, sports, urban and weird.

As of today, Instagram now allows embedding of Photos and Videos on desktop. Once embedded, it will show your Instagram handle above the image or video, and notes at the bottom. Once someone clicks on your photo or video, it takes them to your Instagram Web Profile.



So, who do you think is winning this war on social media video apps?

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Jul 09



Andrew Stockdale came to Oniracom to develop an album release campaign based around a google map and a custom SoundCloud player. The page boasts a stream of the entire new album along with an interactive photo stream of Instagram photos tagged with #KeepMoving.

Check out the full video walkthrough below!

Oniracom Portfolio | Andrew Stockdale (KEEPMOVING.FM) from Oniracom on Vimeo.

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Jul 02


In anticipation of Jay-Z’s upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail, the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced on July 1st that they would be tweaking their rules regarding Gold & Platinum Certification for digital albums. Jay-Z announced earlier this summer that the first 1 million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail will go to Samsung Galaxy phone users, and available 72 hours before the album’s wide release on July 9th. 

These new rules will align with RIAA’s rules for sales of digital singles: “Going forward, sales of albums in digital format will become eligible on the release date, while sales of albums in physical format will still become eligible for certification 30 days after the release date”
says Liz Kennedy, the Director of Communications and Gold & Platinum Program at RIAA. 

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Jul 02




  • Looped footage
  • Available on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Available on Amazon Kindle
  • Can imbed videos on desktop
  • Can mute videos on desktop
  • Full Twitter integration

  • Cons:

  • No filters
  • No Vine web profiles
  • No Photo Map

  • Future:

  • TechCrunch reported the Vine is teasing some possible App updates soon: Full screen video, ability to save Vine drafts and voiceover ability


  • 13 Filters for video
  • Choose a Cover Frame (as sort of a splash page for video)
  • Can edit out video frames after shooting
  • Double tap to focus while shooting video
  • “Cinema” feature: Image stabilization
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Email
  • Instagram Web Profiles to watch videos on desktop

  • Cons:

  • No playback
  • Can’t play video on Android yet (can only see cover frame)

  • Future:

  • (possibly) more video filters

  • vine

    Also, this fun website plays two videos side by side (from Vine and Instagram respectively) and lets you pick which one you think is the best. Vine is currently winning the battle with 13657 votes, while Instagram has 11747 votes.

    So who is the better video sharing app? Only time will tell, but we have millions on millions (literally) of both Vine and Instagram videos to look through in the meantime.

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