Jan 31



From the moment you start up the application, Beats Music wants to know and understand you. It wants to be your perfect human DJ. Listening to favorite genres and discovering new songs has just become a lot more colorful and interactive with the recently launched platform’s bold designs and features. Like Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio, Beats Music offers an extensive streaming library with no commercials for a monthly subscription fee of $10. New users can try out the platform for free on their credit card-less seven-day trial.

When you first open Beats Music, it asks you to tell the application about yourself. A “Just for You” section is created and geared towards your favorite genres or away from the ones that you want to avoid. There are three ways to get to a collection that suits your current mood. First is the good old-fashioned search option after you swipe right on the screen. The second way is through the “Find It” section where you can choose among genres, activities, and curators. The last is one of the most interesting features of the platform: “The Sentence”. Beats Music lets you play mad lib to generate a suitable playlist in a quirkier way. Are you on a rooftop? At the gym? Making bad decisions? The application wants to know where you are, what you feel like doing, who you’re with, and what you’re potentially listening to.

So why choose Beats Music over the existing premium streaming platforms? Because it has an innovative approach to discovering music that none of its other competitors have. Like the popular Beats by Dre headphones, Beats Music has a dynamic design that is more adventurous than those of the other platforms. Its design is sleeker and less cluttered than those of Pandora and Spotify. In addition to the way it displays album covers, its dark interface with magentas and purples makes the user want to believe that its creators—the developers too—are undeniably stylish and up to date. Beats Music also combines the curating capabilities of 8tracks with Rdio’s social jukebox. If you don’t want to put the streaming radio on autopilot, famous people and well-known blogs let you scope out what they’re currently listening to. 

Beats Music has a limited web version that lets you play music without additional features like The Sentence. If you’re looking for a new music application, Beats Music is worth trying out. The application is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8.