May 23


Image Recognition

Years ago, image recognition was only a dream, but today it is slowly creeping into reality. Image recognition is defined as technology that can see what’s going on, and communicate it out loud. Milestones have been overcome by image recognition this past year, and we can see the great benefit it can provide both small and large businesses alike.

More than just sounding neat in theory, we ask what image recognition is capable of doing and has already accomplished. For one, it has the ability to improve businesses. Also, day to day activities can become more efficient and enjoyable. And most importantly, image recognition has the vast power to aid the visually impaired.

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Feb 25


Thank you for making Solutions for Dreamers Fridays a huge success!

The crowd, food, chat, live music & of course, s’mores were all a hit! Thank you to Playback Recording Studio, StartupSB, and Up Global Regional Summit for helping us put on the event.

Here’s to more SFD Friday Nights! Check out some photos of the night, below!

Photos by: Tad Wagner, Jacob Tell & Mike Wald





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Nov 25


How to Identify the Right Digital Marketing Firm For Your Brand

In this interview with Backstage Business, Jacob shares the top 3 tips for identifying the right digital marketing firm for your brand, how to genuinely connect with fans and clients online despite the constant changes in technology, and marketing pitfalls to avoid based on 12 years of providing website design, website development, and marketing strategy to artists, labels, and management for some of the world’s most successful entertainment properties.

Thanks for the feature John Lucchetti!

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Apr 03


lucchettiWe are pleased to add a wonderful new Independent Sales Representative to the Oniracom team. Welcome, John Lucchetti! John has a background in online marketing, media production, and jazz guitar! He founded the blog Backstage Business, which you may be familiar with, as John featured Jacob a couple months ago. You can check out that feature here.

We asked John a little bit about his blog. He describes it as “a community for musicians, film makers, artists, writers, techies, entertainers, and designers to model, remix and share the best business ideas and resources from around the world. New innovations and insights frequently come from cross pollinating ideas from multiple disciplines, so my intent for the site is to help fuel their projects through stories and advice from successful creative entrepreneurs.” He also adds, “Oniracom is a company that I’ve been a fan of for some time due to their innovative work in the entertainment business, so I’m thrilled to join this world class team!” And we are excited to have you!

Check out John’s blog Backstage Business here, and be sure to *like* his Facebook page

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