Jul 25



photo from Engadget

Snapchat has been on the rise in social media as one of the only applications for sharing disappearing pictures and conversations, along with its recent update to chat face-to-face. However, Snapchat should be expecting some competitors in the near future. It’s no surprise that the market would soon be flooded with copy cats since many social media companies make constant attempts to take over other services. 

Instagram is currently in the window for a new developing app—it may be the next big player to steal the game and Snapchat’s spotlight! A banner introducing the app “Bolt” appeared at the top of Instagram’s mobile app on July 23rd advertising a service for “one tap photo messaging”. According to sources, the announcement was quickly pulled, but several people were still able to snag screenshots of it and pass it around Twitter (Engadget).

Unfortunately, there is no further detail on “Bolt”, but there is a chance that the app could offer a unique twist on the format of picture messaging and shove the copy cats aside. Check out The Verge’s post about Instagram’s rumored “Bolt” and view the leaked images of Snapchat’s competitor!

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Mar 29



We’ve finally done it. Each staff member chose their favorite apps that they can’t live without. Take a look at who chose what, and click on each app to see why they rock!

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Jun 30


My Blackberry is my best friend. It is practically glued to my hand. I never leave the house without it, it rests next to me on the table during all my meals, and ever so nicely wakes me up in the morning to the sound of Jason Mraz’s, “I’m Yours.” If you had asked me ten years ago if I thought I would be more dependent on a little handheld device than I am to my parents or best friends, I would have thought you were crazy. The concept of being completely and totally attached to a wireless phone was not something that most people would have predicted. Although the “main” purpose of a cell phone is to make phone calls, I personally think that phone calls only account for about 40% of my phone usage. Most of the time I am texting, Facebooking, Googling, or listening to music. The evolution of the cell phone has exceeded all expectations and the influence it has on teen life today is extraordinary. Mobile advertising companies have caught onto this phenomenon and are using it to their full advantage, trying to catch the attention of their consumers. But, the question is, are their advertisements targeting the correct crowd?

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Mar 08


Since Lupe Fiasco’s new album uses a giant QR code as its cover artwork to help promote his album in the mobile universe, we figure it’s time for a post on the Solutions for Dreamers Blog.  Here is the artwork posted to his official website:

Thanks to Jump Scan we have this killer INFO-GRAPHIC to share about who really is using QR codes (Quick Response codes).

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Nov 04


FaceTimeApple has recently release the public beta version of FaceTime for the Mac.  This means that you can connect to iPhones and iPod touch from your Mac and have a face to face conversation.  Here at Oniracom we can benefit from this if we have someone stuck at the airport when they are supposed to be at a meeting in the office etc.  It works pretty smoothly as it gets all of your contacts from your cell phone and they can FaceTime with you using your email address.

FaceTime still requires you to be connected to wifi on your mobile so no meetings from the beach yet.

Download FaceTime for Mac here


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Mar 31


BLUR More Social Motorola recently released their new Smartphone the Motorola DEVOUR on Verizon Wireless. The phone looks essentially like a shrunk-down and better-engineered version of their holiday marketing success the Motorola DROID. However the new Android powered Smartphone has not only received a firmware update, but also an innovative integrated social widget called MOTOBLUR (Motorola really takes to YELLING in their brand marketing, for the sake of your eyes I’ll refrain from emulating their extravagant use of text size).

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