Jul 02


The New Reality of Gaming

Author: jacobmeier


Finally, a way to travel to new worlds, fight dangerous aliens, and go on insane adventures all without having to leave your couch. The idea of virtual reality used to seem like far off, science fiction, turn-all-of-humanity-into-absent-minded-lazy-bums, but now several companies are making that dream (pause for pun) a reality. Companies like Sony and Oculus VR are carving the path to making VR gaming the new norm. The concept of virtual reality is pretty simple, one puts on a goggle like headset and suddenly you’re immersed into the world of whichever specially designed game you’re playing. From then on, you are essentially a part of the game.

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Feb 25


Thank you for making Solutions for Dreamers Fridays a huge success!

The crowd, food, chat, live music & of course, s’mores were all a hit! Thank you to Playback Recording Studio, StartupSB, and Up Global Regional Summit for helping us put on the event.

Here’s to more SFD Friday Nights! Check out some photos of the night, below!

Photos by: Tad Wagner, Jacob Tell & Mike Wald





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Aug 28



Instagram unveiled their newest venture in the app world this morning: Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse is exactly what it sounds like: “a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion.” according to Instagram’s official press release.

Mike Krieger, Instagram’s co-founder and CTO told Wired that “this is an app that lets you be in the moment in a different way…we did that by taking a pretty complicated image processing idea, and reducing it to a single slider. That’s super Instagram-y.”

Hyperlapse is very much like taking an entire $15,000 setup and creating a cinematic-grade time-lapse video, with different speed options to create different “looks”, and image-stabilization, which is the key to it all. The product team behind the app are product designer Chris Connolly and software engineers Thomas Dimson and Alex Karpenko. Karpenko actually created the first image-stabilization technology for smartphone videos with Luma. This was added on to by Dimson, who after realizing that smartphones had the built-in technologies that could stabilize video footage. This developed into a prototype app, which was the start of Hyperlapse.

All you have to do is shoot a video, pick how fast you want it to speed up (the options range from 1x to 12x) and then save it to share with others. The interface is remarkably clean and very similar to Instagram, but the decision to develop it as a separate app stems from Hyperlapse being such a distinct idea that would be shrouded if it was simply added into the existing Instagram app.

Excited to try this out, and see how users get creative with this app!

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Jul 22



Mobile Santa Barbara, a meetup group created on Meetup.com, is hosting an awesome event at Oniracom this Thursday, July 24 at 6PM.

The event is all about iBeacons, which may be the key to the next technology revolution! It’s a combination of hardware and software that allows a phone to know when they are near a “beacon.” This allows companies to deliver highly location and contextually-aware content. It’s most immediate applications are in retail, with Apple using it in all of its stores to know when you’re there.

We will be joined by Christian Smith of Phone Halo, a local Santa Barbara company with over 6 years of experience in this field, Procore Technologies, a company that provides cloud-based construction management software to clients across the world, and us—Oniracom!

If you’re interested in mobile technology, you should definitely check out the event. We’re located at 720 East Haley Street. The event will be from 6PM - 8PM on Thursday and food will be provided by Procore. For more info, head to the meetup event here!

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Dec 12


I was a bit confused this morning when I was about to post a picture on Instagram and was asked to either post to my followers or “direct.” Intrigued, I checked out the ‘direct’ option and realized that I could send a photo directly to one of my friends. What does this mean exactly? Well, to put it simply, it’s a private message. So the photo could only be viewed by them. Hm, sounds a bit like Snapchat, except without the automatic deletion of the photo. So what are the perks exactly?

With direct, you can choose a specific friend and type a direct message that goes only to them. They get to keep the photo and view it at any time. The fun part is, you can send direct messages up to 15 people, and according to TechCrunch, Instagram Direct also offers up suggested recipients (TechCrunch). Once you’ve sent an Instagram Direct, you can comment about the photo back and forth with who you’ve sent it to. You can also “Reply all” with another new photo or video.

This messaging feature adds a new form of engagement for the app, but I believe that most users will refrain from this feature, and will continue to use Snapchat or text messaging instead, since Instagram’s platform is mainly focused on all your followers and your main feed.

It’s interesting that through Instagram Direct, you must start the conversation with a photo message. Although the app is staying true to its roots, a fun and artsy Instagram photo should really be shared with all of your followers, don’t you think?

Read more details at TechCrunch here and watch the video preview below:

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