Feb 17



Have you ever wondered if your music player was detracting from the original quality of the music? Well, it’s quite possible. After music is recorded, the file is compressed from its original rate of typically 192 kHz to about 44.1kHz in order to fit on CDs and properly download. But does this actually affect the sound we hear? Famous singer Neil Young believes it does, and so he set out in 2012 to create a device that would be able to support music’s original recording rate. To do this, Young and his team asked for $800,000 in funding through Kickstarter, but music lovers seemed to believe in the idea just as much as Young, as donations exceeded $6.2 million. And thus, the PonoPlayer was created.

The PonoPlayer claims to let listeners hear high-quality music in a way that gives puts the “soul” back according to Young and many others in the music industry. In a video produced by PonoMusic, artists such as Norah Jones, Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Mumford & Sons, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many other music icons agreed that listening to the PonoPlayer let music be heard in a way as never before heard when using a portable device. With all these stars agreeing that this is a revolutionary device, how can it not be true? But a double blind study by Yahoo! found that average music listeners could not confidently agree.

The study tested the PonoPlayer versus an iPhone and the results concluded that the people thought the iPhone actually played better sound. So why do so many say that this new device is the key to better music? No one is too sure, because those who say they love the PonoPlayer focus on the difference they “feel,” not the difference they “hear.” It looks like the better sound may just be a trick of the mind, because according to scientific studies, the human ear can’t even pick up differences after 44.1kHz (that of the average CD or download).

In the end, paying $400 for the PonoPlayer, plus having to re-download every song for $2, may not be the best investment in a “feeling.” But you can decide for yourself by trying it out at Fry’s Electronics. Would you want to try it? Buy it?

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Oct 29


HBO has recently announced its intent to do a standalone streaming service starting in 2015. No longer will college student’s borrow their parents HBO GO access accounts. A recent trend in entertainment is the shift from television viewing to online video streaming. According to the The Daily Titan 1 in 3 people in their 20s and 30s watches Netflix or some other streaming service more often than they watch television.Now HBO fans will not have to pay for a pricey cable subscription to view their favorite shows. 

HBO is looking to make a profit on their extensive list of shows and merge into the online streaming market which offers factors of ease, convenience, and reduced costs for online streaming service users. According to The Source , the CEO of HBO is attempting to target the 80 million homes who do not currently have HBO.  A HBO standalone streaming service would compete with other top online streaming mega-giants like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. It is rumored, however, that HBO could be charging up to $15 a month according to Martin Peers at The Information , it will be tough to compete with the cheaper options of Netflix and Hulu offering services for $7.99 and $8.25 for Amazon Prime respectively. It is assumed their transition into the online market will flow seamlessly, and game of throne fans can now breath a sigh of relief, cut their cables cords, and continue their viewings online. 

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Jul 24



Author: kateni

It’s that glorious time of year again- COMIC-CON 2014!!! The annual convention celebrating all things comics, television, films, art and culture begins today in San Diego. There are preview screenings, panel discussions, celeb sightings, book signings, and the of course the spectacular exhibition hall with different vendors showing off their displays and selling exclusive merch. The entire area of downtown San Diego turns into mass chaos when nerds from all corners of the earth descend upon the city for the convention. While I am sadly not there this year (*crying*), here’s a quick preview on some of the things we’re missing out on

exclusives available at SDCC this year.


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Jul 02




  • Looped footage
  • Available on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Available on Amazon Kindle
  • Can imbed videos on desktop
  • Can mute videos on desktop
  • Full Twitter integration

  • Cons:

  • No filters
  • No Vine web profiles
  • No Photo Map

  • Future:

  • TechCrunch reported the Vine is teasing some possible App updates soon: Full screen video, ability to save Vine drafts and voiceover ability


  • 13 Filters for video
  • Choose a Cover Frame (as sort of a splash page for video)
  • Can edit out video frames after shooting
  • Double tap to focus while shooting video
  • “Cinema” feature: Image stabilization
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Email
  • Instagram Web Profiles to watch videos on desktop

  • Cons:

  • No playback
  • Can’t play video on Android yet (can only see cover frame)

  • Future:

  • (possibly) more video filters

  • vine

    Also, this fun website plays two videos side by side (from Vine and Instagram respectively) and lets you pick which one you think is the best. Vine is currently winning the battle with 13657 votes, while Instagram has 11747 votes.

    So who is the better video sharing app? Only time will tell, but we have millions on millions (literally) of both Vine and Instagram videos to look through in the meantime.

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    Jul 01


    Jack Johnson - I Got You

    Check out Jack’s official new music video for his single ‘I Got You.’ Stay tuned for his new album coming out in September!

    Watch Video

    Jun 11


    New Lyric Video: Jack Johnson’s ‘I Got You’

    The first single from the new album “From Here To Now To You” due out September 17, 2013

    Watch Video

    May 22


    In case you missed it, you can see Jack’s full segment on The Today Show this past Monday here.

    He talked about the lovely Kokua Hawaii Foundation and his highly anticipated new record. More coming from Jack soon!



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    May 20


    Viral Dove Campaign

    Author: alex
    POSTED AT 10:05 PM

    Dove - the skin care brand - has the most viewed viral advertising campaign ever. It got there because of three key features: honest, simple, and patient.

    The campaign relies on testimonials, but unlike most commercials who do the same, the people on screen clearly want to testify. They aren’t actors selling something. They’re regular, seemingly middle class people talking, and they just happen to be on screen.

    There are no exotic locations, no sweeping vistas, or elaborate sets. The setting is a typical workplace without ideal lighting, however the set shown here looks much closer than, say one from Victoria’s Secret.

    Since Dove did not constrain themselves to 30 or 60 second ad, they had time to tell a story. Over the course of the 3:01, we start to see what the artist Gil Zamora is doing right along with the women. They build a relationship with both sides and as a result, are both surprised and pleased when the reveal finally comes. There was no need to fit everything into very little time. If you have an honest story to tell, it will spread.

    Check out the advertising campaign below and tell us what you think!

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    May 09



    Image taken from Mashable

    As of today Youtube, the provider of cute puppy videos, funny news interviews turned viral and the just plain bizarre, is now implementing paid subscriptions to select partners. What does this mean exactly? It means that starting with a subscription fee of 99 cents or more per month, about 50 of Youtube’s top partners will no longer be free.

    From a business standpoint, it makes complete sense. In order to keep supporting the higher valued content, YouTube needs to implement changes that actually place higher value on said content. However, in the age of Netflix, Hulu+ and countless other entities segregating content into free and paid subscriptions, the web-scape seems to be shifting in a major way. 

    This isn’t an outrage and this isn’t the end of the world. What I do believe is that we can expect the days of television, film and the web as separate entities are coming to a close.

    The lines have been blurring for the last five years in the media world with smartphones, iPads/tablets, and Xbox or Wii becoming a main video console for many. It seems that with recent changes such as this new feature with Youtube, we are closer than ever to all of these mediums merging, placing an emphasis on better content, while also creating revenue for that content. With this emphasis on better content, it seems YouTube is really trying to focus on fostering a greater creative environment rather than shafting its biggest fans. 

    Rest assured puppy fans, nothing is happening to your favorite cuteness addiction, just the content that actually has a good deal of production value behind it. 


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    Mar 04



    There’s a lot of buzz going around about Twitter’s new iPhone app Vine.  It’s a social networking app that allows you to take a 6 second video and edit in-phone. Many believe that this is the next big thing in social sharing. There is much speculation as to what will make or break this app in the beginning stages of catching on (Mashable), but rather than being critical like I usually am, I’m going to focus on the positives.

    This simple little idea allows anyone to create his or her own cinematic masterpiece… or videos of our very own Calia eating chocolate cream pie

    That’s what I like about this new app. The possibilities are endless. You can re-create your own version of the Harlem Shake sensation re-sweeping the nation as seen on illustrator / video animator Ian Padgham’s Twitter account @origiful [See it here]

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    Feb 25


    Marc Beauregard - An Interview With The Californian Songwriter

    Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter Marc Beauregard stops and talks about where his music came from and where it’s going.

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    Dec 21


    Dave Davis’ Year End Message

    Author: calia
    POSTED AT 11:12 PM
    Dave Davis’ Year End Message

    Community Environmental Council’s Executive Director, Dave Davis, shares a message with CEC supporters. We were honored to help out with this past year’s Earth Day and other CEC related web projects.

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    Nov 15


    We just recently finished a project for our client Buyvite which we are extremely proud of! The process included various elements such as, consulting, building storyboards, designing a unique inforgraphic, writing a script, recording voice overs, and animating and editing a video for Buyvite’s website. Our lead strategist Justin worked very hard on implementing and creating unique ideas, which is definitely conveyed in the finished product.

    Justin explains the step by step process from consulting to the animation:

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    Mar 12


    GREAT Festival Lineup Announce Video

    Those of you planning on announcing an individual tour or other music festivals getting ready to reveal your lineup should take note of High Sierra Music Festival’s initial lineup announce video. Check it out!

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    Aug 08


    Doheny Days Music Festival - Sept. 10 & 11, 2011

    The seven year drought is over… Doheny Days returns September 10th and 11th! Check out this latest teaser revealing who you will see take the stage at the festival happening at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA.

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    Jan 04



    The obvious growing trend in 2011 for millions of TV viewers is to go online to see the shows (or clips) they want, when they want them.

    Clicker makes finding shows and clips online quick and easy.  If you are looking for a past season of “The Simpsons,” want to stream a full length movie or want to discover a brand new web series, Clicker may be for you.

    The Facebook integration for recommendations, trending and connecting with friends and staff is already in place and growing.  Decide which shows should be cancelled and have your voice heard!

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    Sep 24


    View the short video below to get a taste of what we’re about.

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