Nov 21


Employee Spotlight - Matt Nishiguchi

Author: calia

Happy November! Before we break for Thanksgiving, we have a new employee spotlight for our newest developer Matt Nish!


Where’d you go to University and what did you study?

I studied Film & Media at UCSB and completed their Technology Management Program (TMP).  But I really believe in independent self-education.  I believe that if you’re truly motivated enough, you can learn anything.

Where is your hometown?

Santa Clarita, CA (aka Valencia). It’s a suburb a little north of LA with Magic Mountain and Cal Arts.  Lots of films/tv series are shot here, so you can often see our town in the backgrounds of random scenes.

How long have you worked at Oniracom?

Since July?  Not sure.  3-4 months?

Just what is it you do here?

I do my best to help Oniracom build beautiful projects that we can be proud of.  I help turn concepts and mockups into pixels floating in the clouds for everyone to see.

Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Before this job, I had hardly ever worked for someone else.  I’ve always done my own thing.  So for me, it’s probably just being an entrepreneur.  For a year in college, I dj-ed and organized parties to make money.  I travelled and tried to start a marble importing business between my Italian friends and Chinese business partners.  For a year, I tried to start a web app company and had a small office on State st.  Entrepreneurship is the most interesting adventure I’ve ever embarked on.

Favorite thing about working at Oniracom?

Everything! The flexibility, clients and culture.  When I really want to explore the world, I can travel and work at the same time.  And when I am in town, Oniracom has the coolest office to work at.  The people are awesome, and I’m surrounded by creative inspirations.  We have badass clients and do great work for them.

What has been your most rewarding or satisfying experience since you joined Oniracom?

Every time I hear a client likes the work I’ve done.

Last concert you attended?

Bob Dylan, which was unfortunately a bit of a let down.  I think he’s smoked a little too much in his time.

Complete the following sentences…

If I wasn’t at the office, you would find me travelling the world, going on adventures with friends, and hacking on something that could potentially help a lot of people.

Three words that describe me are adventurous, loyal, and ambitious.

If I was a cartoon character I would be maybe Peter Pan?  I want to fly, and I like imagination.

My ideal Saturday would consist of waking up in another country and building something beautiful.  Ideally, in the company of a significant other and my best friends.

If I were surprised with a gift of $1,000, I would rent a sick place on AirBnB with a jacuzzi and throw a party for my close friends and co-workers.  Or buy a roundtrip ticket to Colombia.  Or loan it out on

Favorites List:

Time of day: Late at night.  I like when the world has quieted down, and I can flow on a cool project while drinking tea.

Food: Probably Thai food.  Gotta love that pineapple fried rice.

TV shows: I don’t watch much TV anymore, but if I had to choose, probably Entourage (before season 7) or How to Make It in America.  I love the shows about a few close friends hustling and trying to be successful together.

Books: I wish I had some fiction to share… but probably Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh.

Art I Like To Do:  Web design and photography if those count.

Sports: Climbing and hustling.

Dinosaur: Dino-Nuggets.

Cities: I think I have too many! Santa Barbara! Cusco, Peru. Medellin, Colombia. Rome, Italy.

Colors: Dark blue.

Holidays: Christmas!

Happy Hour Drink: Right now, Jameson on the rocks.  Trying to grow that chest hair.