Sep 19


Santa Barbara is on track for going solar thanks to the Community Environmental Council’s subcommittee called Solarize Santa Barbara.
Solarize Santa Barbara is dedicated to being “fossil free by ‘33”. The program is making it easier and cheaper for local homeowners to go solar in many ways. They have “a group purchasing model [which] helps local homeowners install solar electricity through a streamlined and hassle-free process, at a discounted price,” (Solarize Santa Barbara) and initiated this “group purchasing model” by working with solar contractors on receiving and securing a discounted price for solar installation. Solarize Santa Barbara not only provides stellar discounts, but they also focus on your home’s specific needs by filtering and matching what your home exactly needs in order to continue with a proper installation.

Another remarkable savings option that Solarize Santa Barbara offers is the opportunity to lease a solar panel. This allows the upfront costs to be significantly reduced or eliminated, and maintenance is usually included, which is a huge benefit! Their financing pamphlet states, “Payments are made on a monthly basis, as a lease payment for the equipment or as a payment for electricity (the latter is known as a power purchase agreement).” This option opens up many different avenues for solar installment. Last year, 52 homes were solarized!

Many homes can qualify to participate! There are three simple qualifications in order to be eligible for the savings that Solarize Santa Barbara has to offer:

  • Live within the service territory (south Santa Barbara County)
  • Own a suitable home for solar installation
  • Sign a contract with one of our pre-qualified installers between August 7, 2012 through November 9, 2012

You can find out more detailed information about the process by just visiting Solarize Santa Barbara’s website, and by also attending an introductory workshop, which is free and located at the Unitarian Society of SB (1535 Santa Barbara St.). These workshops will fully explain all the benefits, how to participate, and provide an introduction to the program.

We at Oniracom fully support this wonderful project that’s committed to making solar homes a possibility because of their accessible installment plans. Brushfire Records is also an active sponsor of the program, and is excited about all the solar home opportunities Solarize Santa Barbara is providing.

Head over to Solarize Santa Barbara’s website and Facebook Page for more info, and click the image below to apply online now!