Nov 07


Staff Picks: Favorite Blogs

Author: calia

Our staff has enjoyed choosing tracks for our monthly playlist, so we thought it would be even more fun and exciting to supply our readers with other staff “picks” and favorites.

A lot of us at Oniracom are avid bloggers and blog readers. We’ve compiled a nice list of some of our favorite blogs that inspire us, attract us, and keep us coming back for more reads! Our choices range from film & music blogs to gaming blogs, so this post will surely please different tastes, while also providing some insight into the vast blogging world.

Jacob starts us off with a tech blog and a couple music and film blogs. His picks were:

TechCrunch: “As they say, they are the leader for profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.  And their own CrunchBase is an open database about start-up companies, people and investors.”

Stereogum: “This is a trusted spot for music reviews as they cover all genres, age groups and flavors from the hipster-est indie rock or most underground hip-hop to the bubble gum pop you call a guilty pleasure.”

Daytrotter: “The custom illustrations of each featured music group sets the tone for their awesome in studio performances.  This blog just has a cool factor aesthetic that will bring you back for more.”

Roger Ebert’s Blog: “A trusted source of film reviews, but add in his political viewpoints and now you have true context for the art form we regard so highly.”

Rotten Tomatoes: “An easy way to learn what’s popular at the box office, read reviews and synthesize them all into a percentage based rotten scale.”

Haaris enjoys reading up on music, video games, and technology:

Inside the Rock Poster Frame: “One dude runs this insane blog full of concert prints and other limited edition art pieces.”

Kotaku: “All things video game and video game cultures comes together with smart sense for writing, plus their game reviews are on point.”

Engadget: “Its my go to when talking tech.”

Calia selected a music blog and a fashion blog:

Pretty Much Amazing: “I love the quality of their reviews. They are in depth and educated when it comes to music. Their blog layout is also unique. I visit PMA about three times a week for new mp3’s and downloads, they are awesome with that as well!”

The Sartorialist: “Scott Schuman is the mastermind behind this impeccable street style & runway style fashion blog. His photographs truly inspire me. I was attracted to this blog not only because of his photography style, but also because Schuman photographs so many different types of people in different types of places, which is such a breath of fresh air. One of my life goals is to be photographed by Scott Schuman and featured in The Sartorialist.”

Justin chose one of our all time favorites:

Mashable: “Includes technology, new media, apps, pop culture, social media, film, music and much more.”

One of our developers Drew loves:

The Great Discontent: “A site that interviews both web designers and musicians and my favorite ones at that.”

Daring Fireball: “Anyone that has a unique voice and attention to detail I respect, especially in the context of general Apple related coverage.

John chose:

Hype Machine: “Fresh music every day!”

Steve went for:

Scattered Baw: “A music blog that has great indie picks.”

Hacker News: “For web development, programming et al there is no list without Hacker News.

Mike picked some design and entertainment blogs:

Lifehacker: “Really fun and interesting ideas for life, work, and everything in between.

New Scientist: “The latest in bleeding-edge science. Ever see a glow-in-the-dark kitten? Want to?”

Smashing Magazine: “Hot design and development topics, great resource for all web workers.”

AV Club: “Take the latest movies, music, books and comics. Skewered and served with a side of editorial.”

Tad chose a great local blog and a podcast blog:

The Lefort Report: “Santa Barbara based music blog. A good thoughtful and thorough presentation of new music, classics and upcoming shows.”

Kung Fu Grippe: “Merlin Mann co-hosts three of my favorite podcasts. This is his visual brain dump. Inside jokes, cultural totems and curiosities.”

Lastly, Matt selected Tim Ferriss’ blog:

Four Hour Work Week: “About lifestyle, design, tech, and personal development.”