Jan 29


Visual Content
Today’s marketing environment is a visual one. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but video content is increasingly dominating the digital sphere. By 2018, 89% of internet traffic will be video. Statistics and strategic moves from social platforms indicate why this prediction seems plausible:

  • Within the last year, Facebook users went from watching 1 billion videos every day to more than 8 billion.
  • Twitter, which acquired Periscope in March 2015, now autoplays their live streaming videos within feeds.
  • Spotify is introducing video content to its Android app starting May 2016.

While videos capture attention more than other visual stimuli, innovators are uncovering new ways to engage their audience by transforming directive shots to immersive ones. 360° cameras and virtual realities (VR) are the next steps for video. Paving the way to this future are Youtube (and its parent company Google), Oculus Rift (and its parent company Facebook), as well as other camera manufacturers like GoPro and Ricoh. With their recent technological advancements in camera design and online algorithms, everyone can now be engrossed in this new mobile experience. This medium allows users to navigate spaces as if they were there in person. Ever visited Time Square? No? Come check it out simply by tilting your smartphone.

Virtual Reality

For marketers, VR and 360° videos mean new tools for mobile storytelling. Instead of showing footage from a live performance, invite fans on stage to experience the concert from all perspectives. Instead of demonstrating a product, bring customers into a space where they can experiment with it themselves. Adding a video to your campaign increases views, helps readers retain information, and makes shoppers 85% more likely to purchase the product or service, so just imagine the effect on sales that this new technology will have once it becomes more prevalent.

Oniracom helps create visual content for your company’s needs. Our video production team brings brands to life through high-quality footage that can be transformed into anything from commercials to GIFs to social media posts. Whether it’s infographics or promotional videos, visually-appealing graphics are a must have in order to capture today’s customers. Contact us today to get started.