Jan 21



“There’s not a minute to waste.” Uber is well aware of this concept, and has made quite the name for itself by taking advantage of that. How Uber manages to stay on top of its competition, however, is a constant struggle. Uber steadily tries to beat out neighboring competition like Lyft, taxi companies, and other alternative modes of transportation to keep their name on top. The solution? Customization.

The well-known Ride Request feature that we’re already familiar with just got much more personalized. Passengers can now stay updated with news and updates all with the convenience of Uber’s new service called “Uber Trip Experiences”, which delivers playlists, local news, and travel tips all to the palm of your hands. Although third party experts will control the flow of content, each ride’s personalization comes from Uber. “The time the content takes to consume will be synchronized with the estimated duration of the journey.”

Uber acknowledges the pros and cons of technological personalization by playing to its own strength: convenience. Not everyone wants constant updates, but they’re available for those who do. Sometimes an Uber ride is the escape—a momentary lapse out of the busy world, taking a mere five minutes to close your eyes, relax, and breathe. The Trip Experience is completely optional, so passengers always have the ability to do as they please.

Uber Playlists

The Trip Experience is all about making each passenger’s ride as comfortable and user-friendly as possible, not necessarily advertising other businesses, products, or services. Uber is mindful of using technology to constantly enhance the customer’s experience. They’ve successfully linked technology with the social network: news updates, the latest music, location trends, and more.

Uber News

Uber has effectively branded itself as the most innovative, efficient, and personalized service in their industry, valued around $40 billion post-money valuation. Competitors seeking to emulate that success need positive results from positive user experiences. Oniracom’s main goal with any project is intuitive usability, so call us today and find out how we can help you achieve increased engagement and sales from happy customers.