Jan 20


Google Translate

photo credit: Mashable

Some say that it’s a small world, and thanks to our advancements in technology, the world may have just gotten a little smaller. On January 14th Google released its’ update for the Google Translate app which now includes a radical new feature… translating spoken word! Now, you can speak into your phone and the app will translate and speak back your words in another language of your choice. This has the potential to make traveling and communicating abroad much easier, because no one has the time to play charades with strangers!

Another cool feature of this update includes Word Lens,which allows you hold up your camera to text and have it automatically translated. However, according to Mashable, this only works for English,French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, other languages will still require you to actually snap the picture. Luckily, an internet connection isn’t needed to use Word Lens, so translating text can be done anywhere. These updates are available to both IOS and Android users, so go forth and translate.

Are you excited to start using this new update?

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Nov 01


Great innovation from Google once again, but this one involves a great use of crowd-sourced marketing.  Google has started a competition that encourages anyone to upload their own creative tech demo of a cool Google feature that many people might not know about, with the hopes that these videos are unique enough and gather enough attention so that tech demos no longer have to be boring and only for geeks.  Watching these is similar to watching an OK Go music video.  The kind that you share with your friends, except now the content manner is intertwined with a cool Google feature, such as Search by Photographing, Personalize Google, Speak a new language, Search by voice, etc.  (Full list is here).

Once contenders upload their creative video, Google picks out two of the best videos, and sets them against each other for the “Slam of the Week” where users watch and vote on which video is the best.

Check out the winners of the first Slam of the Week, giving you an entertaining video that also is a teaser to Google’s Search by Photographing (or “Google Goggles”).

Go check it out, as there as sure to be more great videos coming: http://www.demoslam.com/

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Oct 02


I usually try to refrain from using any sort of sporting analogy.  Unfortunately, “Game Changer” seemed to be the most fitting title for Google’s new social media attempt- Google Wave.  Google already has a well established name, a great reputation and a ton of money- it only seems natural that they would try their hands at social networking.  It looks like they might have a “winner” too.

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