Jun 08



You look around and see iPhones everywhere. Apple products have dominated the gadget industry, and its name holds value beyond comparison to that of other brands. It’s hard to compete with this… but Androids are up for the challenge.

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Feb 23


iPhone 7

Yet another one of Apple’s rumored leaks is out. The iPhone 7 seems promising, with technological advancements not yet seen. Some of the new features headlined include:

“iPhone 7: Apple ‘plans to release three different iPhones this year’”
“iPhone 7 leak suggests ‘thinnest, smoothest handset ever’”
“iPhone 6S: patent shows Apple is working on waterproof phone for the near future”

...But debatably the most impressive is:

“iPhone 7: Apple ‘to introduce charging from 15ft’”

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Sep 09


It’s Apple Season Once Again

Author: jacobmeier


Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook made some pretty lofty claims about Apple’s next generation of products.

“While they may look familiar, we have changed everything about these new iPhones”

Apple unveiled the next line of its products today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, and (as expected) they appear to be stepping up their game. As usual, two new iPhones were announced, but it was the new iPad and revamped Apple TV that stole the show.

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Jul 10


iOS 7 Beta 3: Highlights

Author: carla

After announcing at WWDC 2013 a month ago, Apple has already released two Beta versions of iOS 7. The latest version, Beta 3, was just released to developers and has a few tweaks to the design and functionality. Here are some pictures and screenshots of how iOS 7 will look like and some of the highlights of the new system (iOS Beta 2 on left, iOS Beta 3 on right):

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Feb 17


We are excited to announce a new iPhone app (WindowSeat) developed by our good friend which tracks your flight in mid-air without being connected to a wifi or cell phone network!

How does it work?

WindowSeat’s patent-pending technology predicts the location of all commercial flights in the contiguous U.S. based on historical flight path data between your departure and arrival airports. With this highly interactive application, you can track your flight, recalculate your remaining flight time and flight position, and learn more about key landmarks and geographic areas you’re flying over.

An in-flight map in the palm of your hands

Enter your departure and arrival cities either prior to or after takeoff, then enter your actual wheel-up time to begin tracking. During your flight, update your flight time and flight position based on points- of-interest you observe, or information that the pilot or onboard staff share.

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Dec 08


Have you seen Apple’s new “Find iPhone” feature?  It’s free, and no, you don’t need a paid MobileMe account (I hate MobileMe).

I highly recommend you go get the free “Find iPhone” app [AppStore link] and login with your Apple ID (which would probably be better referred to as: iTunes Username & Password).

NOTE: Your iPhone software needs to be up to date!

Now your iPhone is synced with your Apple ID, so if your phone ever gets lost or stolen, it’s not a complete goner.  Once your phone is missing, from someone else’s iPhone you can login with your Apple ID to their Find iPhone app, and it locates exactly where your phone is (if it’s turned on) on a Google Map.  If it’s turned off, it will tell you the location last detected, and how long ago that was.

Then you have the following options:

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Nov 04


FaceTimeApple has recently release the public beta version of FaceTime for the Mac.  This means that you can connect to iPhones and iPod touch from your Mac and have a face to face conversation.  Here at Oniracom we can benefit from this if we have someone stuck at the airport when they are supposed to be at a meeting in the office etc.  It works pretty smoothly as it gets all of your contacts from your cell phone and they can FaceTime with you using your email address.

FaceTime still requires you to be connected to wifi on your mobile so no meetings from the beach yet.

Download FaceTime for Mac here


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Mar 30


Will you or Wont you buy the new iPad?

Author: specialed
Oniracom & the iPad

The good folks over at Mashable recently published an article talking about who would buy the new iPad.  It got us here at Oniracom wondering who among us would buy the new iPad.  This is what some Oniracom employees had to say about Apple’s latest Magical hardware:

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Mar 26


A Guide to Creating iPhone Apps for Bands

Author: brendan

Creating iPhone apps for bands is starting to catch on.  It started out with the big-budget artists (like Pink) cranking out the custom applications that probably included a hefty price tag, but now there are many solutions for “middle class” bands to develop their own apps.  I will review and compare four cost-effective solutions for getting an iPhone app developed for your band. 

The four companies I will be talking about are: iLike, Mobile Roadie, MobBase, and Phizuu.

Click “Read More” to get the scoop on the best company to build your app…

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