May 23


Image Recognition

Years ago, image recognition was only a dream, but today it is slowly creeping into reality. Image recognition is defined as technology that can see what’s going on, and communicate it out loud. Milestones have been overcome by image recognition this past year, and we can see the great benefit it can provide both small and large businesses alike.

More than just sounding neat in theory, we ask what image recognition is capable of doing and has already accomplished. For one, it has the ability to improve businesses. Also, day to day activities can become more efficient and enjoyable. And most importantly, image recognition has the vast power to aid the visually impaired.

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Apr 25


Handwritten Cards

When was the last time you received a handwritten card? These days, time is money. You don’t have time to sit down and hand write a card, and now you won’t need to. Introducing Hallmark for the digital age. Felt and Punkpost are two apps which allow you to “craft personalized note cards from your phone, with ink that looks like you actually wrote it yourself.”

Here’s how it works.

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Feb 23


iPhone 7

Yet another one of Apple’s rumored leaks is out. The iPhone 7 seems promising, with technological advancements not yet seen. Some of the new features headlined include:

“iPhone 7: Apple ‘plans to release three different iPhones this year’”
“iPhone 7 leak suggests ‘thinnest, smoothest handset ever’”
“iPhone 6S: patent shows Apple is working on waterproof phone for the near future”

...But debatably the most impressive is:

“iPhone 7: Apple ‘to introduce charging from 15ft’”

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Feb 18


Here Buds

The Doppler Lab buds are HERE. Literally. This generation has become one that is constantly moving toward new and innovative technology. To survive in this industry of entertainment and all its accessories, you have to be original. Originality is hard to come by when almost everything has been done, but Doppler Lab’s Here buds has accomplished this feat engineeringly and experientially.

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Jan 21



“There’s not a minute to waste.” Uber is well aware of this concept, and has made quite the name for itself by taking advantage of that. How Uber manages to stay on top of its competition, however, is a constant struggle. Uber steadily tries to beat out neighboring competition like Lyft, taxi companies, and other alternative modes of transportation to keep their name on top. The solution? Customization.

The well-known Ride Request feature that we’re already familiar with just got much more personalized. Passengers can now stay updated with news and updates all with the convenience of Uber’s new service called “Uber Trip Experiences”, which delivers playlists, local news, and travel tips all to the palm of your hands. Although third party experts will control the flow of content, each ride’s personalization comes from Uber. “The time the content takes to consume will be synchronized with the estimated duration of the journey.”

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