Jun 24



While it’s not the first ever piece of wearable technology, the Apple Watch is definitely the most talked about and it was one of Apple’s most anticipated releases in the company’s history. Investors, tech bloggers, fans of Apple, Apple’s competitors, and just about everyone else waited for months to see if the watch would really measure up to the claims made by CEO Tim Cook last year when he announced the watch. And now that it’s been out for a few months, watch owners are voicing their opinions.

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Aug 16


The Bitcoin - A New Global Currency

Author: miles

Bitcoins How does the entire world stay in contact every second of every day?? The internet. Not a new concept in itself but a bold move has been made in terms of how people on this planet perform transactions with each other, locally and internationally. From peer-to-peer transactions to official business transactions, Bitcoins are the new electronic currency that is taking the world by storm.

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Sep 12


When I discovered that the marvelous David Byrne and Annie Clark (also known as St. Vincent) were collaborating on an album together, I knew something magical was going to be produced. Yesterday, their album titled, Love This Giant was finally released. Although I had been listening to the album intently and continuously over the past few days, (thanks to the full stream made available by NPR) I gave the album yet another few listens yesterday since it marked their official album release date.


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Aug 29


The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) took place last night, August 28, 2011 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. This year marked the award show’s 28th year. While the show did not have a host, it was nothing short of surprising and entertaining.

Many artists and celebrities strutted down the red carpet in fabulous garments while Selena Gomez hosted the VMA pre-show. The most memorable appearances were from Nicki Minaj, who wore metal, stuffed animals and pink hair, and Beyonce, who showed off her baby bump and announced that she and husand, Jay-Z are expecting a baby! Cobra Starship and Sabi performed as part of the pre-show.


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May 24


By Tyler Blue (Website | Twitter)

For a live music lover like me, one of the best things about leaving a small town like Santa Barbara and heading to the big city of Portland is instant access to an extensive crop of diverse concert venues. When I moved to Santa Barbara in 1999, there were at least half-a-dozen clubs and bars which regularly hosted the sort of jammy music I wanted to see. They dropped like flies until SOhO became virtually the only place to go; at least for smaller shows. I’ve had plenty of memorable times there but one can only endure so much repetition before craving a change of scenery. Cruising the streets of Portland, I find myself frequently amazed upon discovering yet another theater which has eluded me up until that point. Practically every neighborhood has one and each is a unique entity with historical significance, style or both. It doesn’t hurt that they have cool names like Aladdin, Roseland, Groove Suite and Refuge. I just looked at http://www.jambase.com and there are a bunch more I still haven’t even seen, let alone been to.

Photo by T. Blue: Soulive’s Eric Krasno lays it down at The Wonder Ballroom

The first show I saw in Portland back in ‘99 happened to be at the city’s most famous venue - The Crystal Ballroom. Opened back in 1914, the ballroom’s claim to fame is its massive dancefloor which “floats” on ball bearings. I thought that was one of the coolest things ever and still do. Since my return back in October, I’ve been appalled to find that many locals don’t hold it in very high regard for various nitpicky reasons. Almost any other town would give its left nut to have a Crystal Ballroom. But in Portland, with so many other options to choose from, it’s understandable that people gravitate to other favorites. Several of my friends had been telling me that The Wonder Ballroom was at the top of their list.  I finally had the opportunity to check it out on Tuesday night when Soulive and Lettuce came to town. The 778-capacity venue, which opened in 2004, definitely lived up to the hype.

Zooming down from Camas, WA across the mighty Columbia River to make an 8 p.m. start time, I should have known better than to be in a hurry. Scrambling up to the box office, the schedule revealed there would be two DJ openers and Soulive wasn’t coming on until 10:15. Fortunately in Portland, there’s always somewhere close by to grab a pre-show cocktail and Secret Society Lounge is one of the best. Two martinis later, I strolled in to the Wonder; anxious to see what the place was all about. The building itself, which was completed in 1914 (apparently a banner year for Portland construction), started out as the Ancient Order of Hibernarians - an organization committed to immigration reform and preservation of Irish culture. In 2006 it was recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. Nestled near the happening North Mississippi neighborhood, it’s a little bit church, a little hipster hideaway.

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Nov 16


SFD Review:


The kid named Cudi isn’t afraid to label himself “Mr. Rager”, “Maniac” or more nostalgically [his birth name]: “Scott Mescudi”.


Kid Cudi’s sophomore album Man on the Moon II had a lot to live up to considering previous mega-hits like “Soundtrack to my Life”, “Day N’ Nite”, “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Man on the Moon”. However, on The Legend of Mr. Rager, we’re not only invited into Cudi’s previously rapped-about dreams, but into his daily reality as “Mr. Rager”. The entire album is darker, and more musically adventurous than Man on the Moon - The End of Day (2009); incorporating various syncopation and instrumental elements to diversify his sound. An overall ominous, eerie tone emanates from each track, slowly but steadily ushering us along for the evolution of a “Cudi Revolution”.

The “Cudi Revolution” translates into a solid album, keeping some of the same Cudi-esque trademarks [think oo-oohs, grumbles/growls, and near-wailing sounds] with new insight into the somehow hazy yet focused Cudi state-of-mind. Of course there are multiple stand-outs: “Scott Mescudi vs. The World”, “REVOFEV”, “Marijuana”, “The Mood” and “Maniac”. Those that choose to skip out on the album [mistake!] will appreciate commercial tracks like “Mr. Rager”, “Erase Me”, and “Mojo So Dope”. However, here it is most critical to discuss the tracks that seem to create artistic progress for Cudi on his newest artwork. If nothing else, appreciate something has simple as the song titles. Each are carefully named to aid the listener in the dark journey of Cudi’s evolution.

The album opens up with the upbeat “Scott Mescudi vs. The World” featuring soulful Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley, proclaiming that “we can meet on the other side, this is our journey into the horizon”. Strategically placed first, the track immediately hooks the listener into Cudi’s lyrically displayed dark psyche, without exposing it fully.

“REVOFEV”, appropriately referring to “Revolution of Evolution”, alerts us to “wake up” and questions: “Where will you be for the Revolution?” For those lyrically- unappreciative folks: sit back and enjoy the passionate build-ups and break-downs, complete with snare drums and violin drama.

Quite possibly the best track on the album, “Marijuana” is not your typical party head-banger or commercial Cudi song. Instead, it gives a fresh new trance-like vibe that engulfs the listener. A dramatic choir element is added throughout, practically placing Cudi’s lyrical Mary Jane anthem on a pedestal; the almost-holy force that brings a man back to earth. As taken from Cudi, the track truly gets “all up in your blood”.

“The Mood”, while not particularly diverse, holds true to the Zone that Cudi so often refers to being lost in: a slightly passive, but deeply intuitive state of mind that instantly captivates anyone if allowed. The steady, pleasantly monotonous beat also has an eerie, ominous overtone.

The final most significant track aptly named “MANIAC” [appropriately in all capitals], is one of the most unique jams on the album: the possessed female voice repeats the same phrase [referring to a black hole!], setting the tone for the highly unusual track. Cudi raps, “I am the maniac - I am the ghoul - I’m in the shadows in the corner of my room” -- fully capitalizing on his self-proclaimed title as a lost, manic soul. “MANIAC” is also expertly produced with a multitude of sounds waffling in the background, slowly luring us in.

Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon II - The Legend of Mr. Rager is a successful documentation of the Cudi mindset. Although some have grown tired of his dreary self-depiction, it can be argued that Cudi has portrayed this dark image under an entirely new light. Avid Cudi fans will not be disappointed.

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Oct 19


SFD Review:

Sleigh Bells at SOhO! {Concert Review}

Author: calia


The ragin' Brooklyn rock band Sleigh Bells made their way to the SOhO Music Club last night in Santa Barbara, and had their Californian fans wanting to rock out all night with their amazing and hardcore set. With only one album out titled "Treats," fans last night were begging for more and more musical treats from the rock hard duo after their set ended. As the crowd was raving for an encore, the lead singer Alexis Krauss mentioned, "I don't know if you guys have noticed, but, our album is only thirty four minutes long." Although short, their set was surely awesome. Not only was every song on their album played, but Alexis and Derek (the lead guitarist) really had the crowd riled up and rocking out, as all rock shows should be! It had been a while since I had been to a show quite like this one. There was screaming, sweat, and some moshing here and there. Mainly just eccentric head-banging and dancing took place throughout every song, which made the experience even better. As small of a venue as SOhO may be, it seemed as though Sleigh Bells were performing for thousands. Their energy within every song exceeded all expectations, and made it one hardcore and kickass show.

Opening with "Tell Em," and followed with "Infinity Guitars" which is my personal favorite, it definitely did not seem like there were only two people on stage. Yes, it sounded THAT awesome! Alexis and Derek were both interacting with their fans during the entire show. Diving into the crowd, dancing with the crowd, and just plain rocking out with the crowd during every single song. After getting their fans a little more rowdy, they decided to slow it down with "Rill Rill." At that point, I couldn't even hear Alexis' voice anymore, the entire crowd was singing along, including myself. Her voice sounded even better than the record, and Derek's guitar skills had my eyes spinning. Their musical chemistry is one that most certainly connects.

Sleigh Bells is making their way down southern California, heading to Costa Mesa tonight and LA tomorrow! So if you're in that area and are craving a good head-banging and dancing time, definitely try to make it to their show! More tour dates can be found on their MySpace page here Can't wait for their sophomore album! Sleigh Bells are well on their way to the top!

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