Jul 08



Apple entered the music streaming marketplace with the launch of Apple Music, debuting worldwide on June 30th. The app and streaming service aims to consolidate all of your favorite features in online music and foster greater engagement between fans and artists. The release quickly produced animated debate in the tech and music communities; namely, how does Apple Music compare with existing services, such as Spotify and Tidal? Does Apple Music offer any new features that will tangibly enhance music consumption?

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Aug 28



Instagram unveiled their newest venture in the app world this morning: Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse is exactly what it sounds like: “a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion.” according to Instagram’s official press release.

Mike Krieger, Instagram’s co-founder and CTO told Wired that “this is an app that lets you be in the moment in a different way…we did that by taking a pretty complicated image processing idea, and reducing it to a single slider. That’s super Instagram-y.”

Hyperlapse is very much like taking an entire $15,000 setup and creating a cinematic-grade time-lapse video, with different speed options to create different “looks”, and image-stabilization, which is the key to it all. The product team behind the app are product designer Chris Connolly and software engineers Thomas Dimson and Alex Karpenko. Karpenko actually created the first image-stabilization technology for smartphone videos with Luma. This was added on to by Dimson, who after realizing that smartphones had the built-in technologies that could stabilize video footage. This developed into a prototype app, which was the start of Hyperlapse.

All you have to do is shoot a video, pick how fast you want it to speed up (the options range from 1x to 12x) and then save it to share with others. The interface is remarkably clean and very similar to Instagram, but the decision to develop it as a separate app stems from Hyperlapse being such a distinct idea that would be shrouded if it was simply added into the existing Instagram app.

Excited to try this out, and see how users get creative with this app!

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Mar 28



Proud to announce that we’ve been working with an awesome organization called the Clean Water Tour, who’s mission is to “raise awareness for the global clean water crises by rallying consumers, businesses, government agencies and the investment community around the world’s leading water scientists and researchers.”

They’ve kicked off their very first event today in Austin, TX and teamed up with the world’s leading water scientists, researchers and technologists to form an online membership community that’s dedicated to tackling clean water issues and making an impact around the world. “We’ve designed the Clean Water Tour in an ultra-portable way, bringing the conversation into living rooms, schools, clean-water-friendly businesses and onto mobile phones,” says Conor Quinn, president of the Clean Water Tour.

To help Clean Water Tour with their online presence, we built them a responsive website with their ‘Watering Hole’ community system, several forms of media integration, and more.

We designed download cards, that will be distributed out today at the event in Austin to help promote the app as well as help those at the event easily gain access to the app.


Luke of Cool Hand Look put together an awesome video that will be featured on Christie Digital’s giant screen at the event. See the layout for the Christie Digital on-site screen display and the Clean Water Tour Sizzle Reel below.


Will appear as the footer of Christie Digital screens


Finally, here’s the sweet design of the app we built for Clean Water Tour, which is available to download on iTunes and Google Play today! The app lets you map the world’s water supply, grab a free track from Jeff Brinkman, join the ‘Watering Hole’ community and more! Be sure to download it here and be on the lookout for more Clean Water Tour events — coming to your area soon!





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Mar 29



We’ve finally done it. Each staff member chose their favorite apps that they can’t live without. Take a look at who chose what, and click on each app to see why they rock!

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Aug 25


iTunes Album Stream
What started as the first successful online marketplace selling music and related media, has recently been focused on establishing new pop-icons, leveraging their traffic with co-branded promotions. iTunes is still the titan of online media, but while the Apple-run marketplace has been focused on film and television sales, new media technology platforms have been innovating and perfecting music release campaigning. Musicians use sites like Justin.tv and Ustream.com to host CD Release, and private listening parties prior to releasing their albums to market. These and similar techniques have been very successful for artists, generating plenty of social buzz and blog coverage, surrounding their album release….

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Jan 31


First trailer for an App?

Author: specialed
Angry Birds

Thats right, it looks as if Angry Birds and the new movie Rio have teamed up to make a new App, check out the trailer for it.  I dont know if it will be any good or just a gimmick but I do know that i’m buying it. 

I’ve never seen a trailer for an App before.

Anyways just incase you dont know what Rio is check out the trailer for it here.

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Jul 15




Open-Graph “At the MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco, Eric Tseng said that Facebook “really sees mobile as the future,” and that we can expect to see Facebook’s “Like” buttons in mobile applications soon.

Tseng used geolocation as an example to illustrate the power of the mobile Open Graph. If you were to walk near a coffee shop and get a location-aware notification that there’s a happy hour going on there, you’ll probably be even more inclined to visit it if the notification comes bundled with recommendations from your Facebook friends.”


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Apr 13


Direct-to-Fan (D2F) marketing is essentially creating a relationship with your fans through a marketing outlet, fans help you and in return you help them. D2F marketing is a creative business model that allows artists to eliminate the need for a middle man by delivering music directly to fans.  Which means, artists keep a higher percentage of their own sales, compared to the current business model where major labels, distributors or even iTunes take 30% or more away from the artist! D2F is most easily identified by free content give-aways in exchange for a tweet, Facebook shout-out, or e-mail sign up, reference MattCosta.com.

However, D2F marketing is evolving to include custom storefronts and marketing analytics that enable you to better grasp your audience and sell directly from your website and various social profiles. After researching the following sites; Bandbox, Nimbit and Topspin, I have outlined a detailed explanation of the costs, benefits, similarities, and differences between each platform. 

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Oct 16


Found something interesting today… an advertisement for the “iTunes Pass.”

Here’s what it is as explained by iTunes:

Now, with the purchase of an iTunes Pass, you can get new music and special bonus content from your favorite artists delivered as soon as it’s available.  Ratitude is the seventh studio album (soon to be known as “the one with the dog on the cover”) from power-rock band and all-around pop geniuses Weezer.  Maybe you’re already dancing in the streets to the strains of first single, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” but you just wait—there’s plenty more radness to come.  The purchase of this iTunes Pass will give you the group’s upcoming Ratitude album, videos, live tracks, remixes, bonus tracks, and other untold riches.

From the look of the purchase page on iTunes (picture available in “Read More…”), it seems like the pass will currently deliver…

(Please click “Read More…” for full article and what I DON’T like about the iTunes Pass)

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Sep 28


Mason Jennings was featured and interviewed on CNN today.

On the interview he reveals a bit about how the new album “Blood Of Man” came about and what inspires him to write.

Effortless melody, dexterous wordplay, tight compositions—they come easy for Jennings, whom Rolling Stone recently dubbed “one of the best songwriters you’ve never heard of.” But his new album, “Blood of Man” (Brushfire), goes deeper than his previous work, which presented a more affable side of the Honolulu-born, Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter.

Read the full article here.

Also don’t forget to check out the website we did for him.

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Aug 03


Apple is exploring a new interactive album format code named “Cocktail” that could potentially bring new life to the Album AND the Music Industry. An executive involved in the plan is quoted by the Financial Times as saying it’s “all about re-creating the heyday of the album when you would sit around with your friends looking at the artwork, while you listened to the music.”

That’s all well and good but it seems as though the current state of the music industry has arrived to where it’s at because of a reason - progression. This new format is supposedly all about “re-creating the heyday of the album” but what can we classify this as - progression, nostalgia, retro, all of the above or none of the above?

I realize that this new format is being created to give fans more for their money and encourage them to buy the whole album versus single tracks. However, in order for this “Cocktail” to work it will have to overcome the way of thinking that most music consumers have these days - that albums only have 2 or 3 good songs that are worth the money and the rest is usually filler.  Let’s just dream for a second and imagine if “Cocktail” really takes off.  Perhaps this is what is needed to motivate artists to create albums with less filler. 

Of course, for the die hard fans I think this concept will work. Fans are always willing and wanting to get new content from their favorite artists. The question, though, is what “exclusive content” will be offered and will it be something unique OR will it be something you can find on-line within a few minutes of searching? 

I’m glad to see that the big names in the music industry are working on new ways to entice fans into buying music. It’s a sad, true fact but “just music” isn’t really cutting it these days. I personally think the “Cocktail” is a progression and a good idea, but it needs to be done right.  And who better to lead this initiative than Apple.

Click here to read the article in the New York Times

Click here to read the article in Financial Times

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